Friday, March 9, 2012

Sweet and sour pork!

This is really delicious!  I got the recipe from a cooking book  " Smaken av Fosen " ( Flavor of Fosen) where a group of students produced last year. My youngest daughter was with this group. They collected the recipes from different places in Fosen. And they sold 560 pieces of this book last year before Christmas.

This is the book cover and the girls!

Colored copy. My daughter name is Kamilla.

The authors of the book!

 I haven't tried the recipes in the book until now.... what a mother!

Anyway, the recipe is in Norwegian language, but I will show how I made the sweet and sour pork in English .

I sliced  the pork in small pieces. I used ca 500 g....

 And diced the red bell peppers and snow peas...

pineapple chunks

And the spicy, sweet and sour sauce . I did not make my own sauce , because I needed to follow the recipe. Hi, hi

I sauted the pork pieces until golden brown and add salt and pepper. I added garlic powder, so it will be more tasty. ( not following the recipe this time...)

Put the rest of the vegetables and fried for 2 minutes

Lastly, I added the pineapple chunks and the sauce. Mixed together and turned off the heat after one minute, so the vegetables will still be crunchy!

I served it with cooked rice. Nam, nam



  1. wow! galing naman ni kamilla. congrats to her! =)

  2. tell her to give me a copy of the book hehehe...- chels


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