Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My soul mate!

I started  to tell about the highlights of my life in Norway, so it is but natural to tell one of the best things that had happened to me here.

I saw a man one day in the neighborhood picking dry leaves and branches coz it was a autum. My first autum i in Norway. It just came to my mind that I believed that this man will be my soul mate.  And I can really tell that after being married with him  for 21 years that he is really my soul mate. A man that makes me feel that I am the most beautiful woman in the world. Although I know that I am not. He he. He supported me all the way during my up and downs. And a very patient man. A man that respects me, takes care of me and loving me so much. He must be God's gift to me. Sometimes I wonder,  do I really deserved such a kind and loving  husband? Well, he seems to be happy being my husband :)

And this is my soul mate :)  Picture was taken many years ago:)

And this is me :)

In his mother's house. 

 And then we get married. I felt I was  Cinderella who captured the heart of a prince:) He was and is for me!

 And we lived happily ever after! I hope so. He he

And probably, I was the only one who experienced to have honeymoon on the ship,  where my husband worked. I had been with him ombord and had seen places like Scotland and England where the ship docked. 

Ombord the ship where the guys meet during their breaks. 

This is the machine room!

My husband onbord!

And I have to try this suit that I have to put on in case of emergency. I was happy though that the journey went well that I did not have to use it, coz it was too big for me. 

Well, actually the journey was an adventure for me, but I won't do it again. Why? I had been vomiting  everytime the ship was moving. And to see the high waves that I thought will drown us down was not a good feelings to have, especially when one is on honeymoon.

Anyway, it's a memorable honeymoon :)  

Monday, January 30, 2012

My journey in Norway!

Don't know why, but I feel that I have to share the highlights of my life. And since I am now in Norway, I start with it. I came to Norway in 1989 and I have many good memories to share to my loved ones and friends.

I came to Norway  August 1989 and it was still summer. This place is beautiful. And that is how I look like 22 years ago:)

This is me and my nieces. They were adorable:) It was my first Christmas apart from my family in the Philippines. And many Christmasses later apart from my loved ones.
And it was really heartbreaking .Life sometimes gives us choices that
no matter which choice we  make, it will be painful.  But life goes on.....

And the snow came. I had never seen the snow before and for me it was a dream come true!

Trip to the city! Have to see this place too:)

The owner of this place was a very nice lady who had given me an oppurtunity to work on her shop although I was not speaking Norwegian very well that time. Thanks God for sending angels on my path.

My first spring in Norway. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My colorful clowns!

Since it's winter and it is dark and gloomy,  I try to make my day a little brighter. So I am still making clowns. Hope I can make others smile with these colorful clowns. I did :)

and a few cards that I made lately:)

for small girls

for the young at heart

for small boys

and hoping that spring will be here soon:)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Word power!

It's not too late to begin with something new although am over I am over half a hundred years old. The new game is scrabble or Word Feud.

Actually this game is not a new one. I have played this game a few times before when I was young and once in a while with my mother-in-law or daughter.

What is new then? It is new for me coz now I began  to play scrabble through my Iphone and my opponents are everywhere.  So the challenge is that my opponent can be a Norwegian or English speaking person.  And for me that is getting older, it enhances  my brain. It forces me to think really hard and to dig deeper in my vocabulary.  They say that as we grow older, brain cells dies if we are not stimulating them . So...good for me then. Maybe there is still hope for someone like me. And the positive thing is it gives me  adrenalin kick, everytime I get a high score. Word power! 

I come to think that words are really powerful. Coz words can inspires, heals, stimulates or make someone happy. Sad thing is words can also destroy, kill or hurt someone.

How about God's powerful words? It said:

How about that? We don't need to read other books to be equipped us to good works. We only need Gods words. And that is enough.

And we can really trust God with His words because he said in:

God sent His words to accomplish His perfect will in our lives.

Then maybe I have to pray for God to give me the right words when I am playing the scrabble to win the game?  He he. Joke only!
 Well, I know then that whatever I am doing, I must not forget God's word, because it is the source of life for me and for everybody who finds it.

How about you? How important are the words that you speak everyday ? How about God's word? Is it powerful for you that it gives you an adrenalin kick everytime you hear from God?

Be wise...use the powerful words of God and you will be able to stand whatever trials that may come unto you. 


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why I changed?

In my childhood days, I was not fond of animals. I don't like touching them and the last thing I will do is to have a pet a home.
But people really change. I remember, when I was in still in  the Philippines,  we found a very little kitten in front of our door  one early morning. Judging from it's appearance, we found out that the little kitten was just a few  days old. We did not know how the kitten managed to find it's way to our front door, but it broke the hearts of my children. They wanted the kitten, and my heart melted too. But we didn't know if the kitten will survived, coz it was so small and thin. Well, that kitten longed for it's mother, so I decided I will be the mother. I found milk bottles that my children used before and started feeding the kitten. And sure enough, the kitten became the  cat that the family loved. But the cat story ended when the house that the family lives burned down. No one has seen the cat ever since.

Here in Norway, it is almost normal to have a pet at home. It can be a cat or a dog.

 When my youngest daughter was a little girl, she kept nagging me to buy a cat for her, but my ear was deaf. I don't want a cat because then I have to clean the house everyday and not to mention cat's po po on the floor. And she grows up without a pet at home.

But history repeats itself. When our neighbor went to live on the nursing home, her cat was left alone on herself. And typical me, then I felt so sorry for the cat that I said yes to adopt it. Adopting a cat again! And finally, my youngest daughter dream had come true. After 17 years of waiting, she has now a pet at home. She is turning 19 this year and still we have the cat.

But this cat really changed me. Now it is me who  loves to play with  her. Playing with a cat was not even  in my wildest dream before. :)  And  I  talk to her too. I believed we understand each other. Now I don't mind at all cleaning the mess after  her. And her food is on my budget too. 

Now I am really fond of cats, especially mine :) She makes me feel not alone when everybody is away. Anyway animals is God's creation too.

 So, I supposed I'm obeying God when I take care one of His creations. That is love shown....in my own way:)

What is your pet and how does your pet changed you?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life as a foreigner!

Home but not home!

I have been living in Norway now for 22 years  and I feel that this place is my home... well most of the time. Looking at myself, I will never look like a Norwegian. Both my skin color and  my eyes  are brown. My hair is originally black and now they are turning gray. So I need to dye my hair. I can dye my hair blond, but I will look like crazy woman. It will not fit the rest  of my appearance.  Although I learned to speak and write  Norwegian, still I don't speak  and write like the native one. Quite frustrating sometimes...coz language is very important. And the more I write and talk in another language like English, the more I need to learn more of Norwegian language. And I wish I could be so fluent with the language that I can speak and write like the natives. 

Well, I am going fifty soon and I am a kind of person who wants to learn many things and these takes time. So a little of this and  a little of that won't make me expert of one thing. Anyway, happy for every little progress I am achieving.

Happy to be in this country though who had given me many opportunities in life and although this is not my home country, it adopted me and made me feel welcome. 

When I am in my home country, I speak the same language, I look like everybody and eat the same food and feels that I can be me,  but still it is not home coz  home is where I have my own bed, my own things and where I can  find rest after a hard days work.

So, I feel that I am a foreigner whether I am in my homecountry or in this country that I am living in.   

Well, no one can have everything, so I just live my life and do my best anywhere God destined me to be. Happy though that no matter where I will be, God will be there too:) One day, I will not be a foreigner anymore. Coz,  I will be in heaven. Home!

It is His promise to all who believe:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Garbage of our lives!

It really tickles me everytime I  come across  articles, blogs or pictures about crafts like this one.  I am a fan of those talented people.


And I am so  amazed  how God had made each and everyone unique and constantly  giving them different kinds of  ideas that are really inspiring.
Anyway, one of my passion is cardmaking and I loved to cut papers and cardboards in different shapes and sizes to decorate my cards. As a result, my trash can is always full of paper strips. Well......garbage?

Not actually , coz I used to burn this garbage of mine in our fireplace to produce heat to make our  inside temperature  a little bit warmer....coz it is really cold in wintertime.

Anyway, everyday, we throw  lots of garbage, which in many undeveloped countries recyle, so that they can be usable again in another form or as they are. And garbage collecting is a means of income for many.  Garbage then becomes a source of life for them.

  But it is not only things we can throw as a garbage. Words too. Spoken words have power!

Words that we speak everyday can either gives life or destroy someone. What we say probably affects more people than any other action we take.

So be careful with our words or else it will be like a garbage that we  have to recycle to be usable again.

Instead we can:

with our words :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The cross to bear

Different people. Different cross to bear.

As human we have all kinds of cross to bear, both seen and unseen.

-It can be a husband or wife that is unfaithful
- Death of someone that is near
- Children that are going astray
- poverty
- being jobless
-being handicapped
- sickness
- unhappy marriage
- being alone

The list is endless. Each and everyone has a burden or a cross to bear. But it is up to us how we carry them. We can either carry our burdens alone or  seek help. Be joyful or be bitter. It is up to us. 

I wonder what Jesus felt when he carried the cross for us!  Was he lonely? Did it hurt so much? I am sure that no one of us can do the same deed. But still, His last word was " Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." It only means that He really understand us and he really cares.

So whatever cross that we are carrying, we don't have to carry it alone. Jesus carried our sins on the cross for us and He said:

Come to Jesus and find rest in your soul. I did:)



Thursday, January 12, 2012

The powerful name!

This year I am turning 50 years old. Actually, I don't feel really old until I see myself in the mirror. The wrinkles shows and I can see my  hair turning gray. Every month I have to dye my hair. Just to look younger.
And when the young ones say that they are getting older, what can I say? Soon I will be half a hundred years old.

Well, I am planning to have a little celebration when that time comes. Just with the nearest family and friends.   And typical me, if I am going to do something extra ordinary, I need to prepare so early as possible.

So today I started making table cards with the name of the guests. And as I began to write the  names, different feelings puffed up. Each person has their own personalities and I thought maybe I will write on their cards how I see them as  a person. Well, it is just a thought. I am not sure if I will do it.

Anyway as I pondered about the names, I thought about mine. Well, my name is Ligaya and it means joy. Easy! Well, I am happy person and my worst enemy is loneliness. I always do everything I can, so that I won't have any lonely moments. Well, it makes me creative.

I thought about the names of my loved ones and  maybe  I have to google them one day, just to know the meaning of their names and if  they suit their  personalities.

But, God is really good. Good in reminding me about how important a name is. Coz in my devotion today, He showed me in JOhn 16.24

He said that when I pray in Jesus name, I will recieve and my joy will be complete. What a powerful name. So happy that I know Jesus. He is my Lord. And with him, I can do all things. It's His promise to all who believed!


So my friends.... tell me what your name is and who is the most important name to you and why.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The roasted goose!

Last autum a pair of goose was flying in the horizon unaware of a hunter that was aiming his gun to them. And suddenly " pang" and the other one was hit with the bullett and landed on the ground. What a tragic fate. The other goose was left alone doomed to be alone for the rest of her life, while the hunter was very proud of his catch. At last after waiting too long for the geese to appear, he can now go home and tell the family how he shoot the goose. 

And this goose was served last Christmas........

We ate the meat together with baked potatoes in cream sauce and salad, and it was very delicious. But after eating the the roasted goose, I began to think how this one must sacrifice so that we can be fed. 

I wonder how God felt when Jesus was beaten and crucified on the cross , so that we can have life and be saved. What an offer and what a sacrifice!

Do we think about what God has done for us? Do we have that kind of love? I thought about it after eating the roasted goose.

 I feel sorry for the other goose that is going to spend the rest of her life without her partner. No one knows, maybe one day this one too will end as a roasted goose. 

But anyway, I just thank Jesus coz He loved us so much that He was willing to die for us. An offer that only He can do.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Just one!


Just One

One song can spark a moment,
One flower can wake the dream
One tree can start a forest,
One bird can herald spring.

One smile begins a friendship,
One handclasp lifts a soul.

One star can guide a ship at sea,
One word can frame the goal

One vote can change a nation,
One sunbeam lights a room
One candle wipes out darkness,
One laugh will conquer gloom.

One step must start each journey.
One word must start each prayer.
One hope will raise our spirits,
One touch can show you care.

One voice can speak with wisdom,
One heart can know what's true,

One life can make a difference,
You see, it's up to you!

I got this poem from a friend and I believe it is worth sharing. It reminds us that no matter what we do small or big,  can make a difference in this world.  And everything that God has created has a purpose.
So we must  keep on trying, learning, loving , sharing  or giving, creating,  writing and speaking. Because everything we do and say counts! And every small and little things that God had made counts.

Remember it takes only YOU and God. 


Monday, January 2, 2012

A clown!

I just made this clown and I fell in love with it. He is very colorful and looking at this clown makes me kinda alive. Strange how this clown  makes me happy!

I remember last year when I attended my grand daughter's 7th birthday celebration.

There were two clowns in the party that made everybody laugh. Just looking at them puts smiles on our faces.

But  typical me, I began to ponder.....again. These clowns made everybody happy and as we watched them, no one of us had think that maybe deep inside them, they were unhappy. Because these two clowns are two ordinary people wearing a mask, to do a job. ¨

It made me think that as ordinary people, although we don't wear a mask of a clown, we do wear different kind of mask everyday. Why?

-Maybe to hide what is inside us?

-we want to be liked or  admired.

-  we don't want for others to see that we are weak

- to pretend that we are somebody

-  to trick someone?

- to protect us from being hurt?

-  to be a real clown that makes other people laugh and have a good time.

-  to pretend to be happy, when we are not

But we can wear whatever mask we might have, but we can't hide anything from God. And for me, it's a relief. Coz then He knows if I need help, need to be comforted, needs peace,  and is hurting. I don't need to pretend to be somebody just to be liked by Him. He knows my weaknesses and my inadequacy. I only need to be me. I don't need to be a clown or wear a mask. We only need to be us to come to God. He said:

I worked in an activity center for the elderly. And my job is to entertain them and make them happy. So, many times I need  an unseen mask to hide what I really feel. Coz, my feeling goes up and down everyday. It depends on my circumstances or what is happening with my life. Although I am hurting inside, I cannot show them what I feel. I need to be a clown to make them happy. And guess what! By making them happy makes me forget what I feel. Laughing cures my aching body and soul.


A laugh a day keeps the doctor away
Laughter is the best medicine

So go ahead! Be a clown  and spread laughter around you:)

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