Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is my week so far!

Time  really goes  fast. In a few days, I am going to spend a three week vacation in the Philippines. And I am really looking forward for it. But before I leave, I invited my mother-in-law to a dinner.  We were only three, me, my youngest daughter and mother-in-law, since my hubby was still ombord. He is coming home the day before I leave to say hello and goodbye to me. So I am both happy and sad.
Anyway, table for three.

I served salad together with...

...lasagne. My daughter's request.

Dinner table

For the dessert we had gele  and I baked Pavlova cake. This is the bunn.

My daughter made toppings of vanilie and whipped cream and decorated with assorted fruits. This cake tastes heaven! Our favorite.

Sign of Easter.  Small tree decorated with colorful feathers

And guess what? This flower lady captured some flowers shots too:) 

Beautiful orchids where I work.

A touch of green.

Well,  Gospel choir came to visit the elderly to entertain them at the activity center where I work. They sang beautifully. So I enjoyed my evening with them.

Before I end this post, I want you to say hello to Sara Giraffe. My project this week.

This picture is from the hobby book 

And this is my  crotheted giraffe

Solbjøg liked it very much. She bought it for her grandson.

I went also to the cinema  with a friend and watched  Anna Karenina. 

Anna Karenina (DVD)

So that is for now.

Since I am going on vacation, I don't know if I will find time to blog, but who knows:)

See you Philippines on Saturday!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Flora and fauna

Suprise! My fauna are not alive and moving. 

Soon it will be Easter in Norway and they are selling decorated eggs and chickens figures  everywhere. Signs of Easter they say. I can't really see the connection between what Jesus did on the cross of calvary with the chickens. But they say that egg means new life in it when it cracked. Like Jesus is giving new life to those who believe ? 
But anyway, I made my own chickens or they look almost like chicken or duck?

Meet Hønhild.  Høne is Norwegian  word for hen ( mother of the chicks) in English .

And this is Anton, the duck. He got his name from an old lady where I work. By the way, these stuff toys are for sale in the activity center where I work. The profit goes to the elderly.

I found these two in a book. They are actually partners. I crotheted them and  put some hair on their heads like you can see at the above pictures.

And now my flora. Roses are from the flower bouquet I bought last week end. Still blossoming.

I took pictures of these flowers from the shop. Maybe the customers think that I am a crazy woman. I took some shots anyway with my phone while buying other stuffs. 

Thought for the day

Give your future to God and you won't regret the past.

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