About me

I'm a happy person. I should be so, coz my name is Ligaya and it means joy! Anyway I'm a filipina who now lives in Norway and a norwegian citizen. I'm a woman who thinks that" time is gold". So I have to do something every minute of my time....
My passion is reading. I do read a lot, but my favorite book is the Bible. It is my source of everything. God's words. I read mostly romans or novels, but now I don't have time for books because a whole world has opened for me when I began blogging. 

I like also creating things. Handcrafts like knitting, crocheting, making cards, stufff dolls and I loved learning new things. Baking is also  a part of my life. 

Lucky for me, I work in an activity center for the elderly and I can use  what God has blessed me like sense of humor, creativity and baking skills to make their days brighter, lighter and inspirational. 

I am married with a Norwegian citezen and we have one daughter together. But  I have also three children in the Philippines which I visit often. They had given me six grandchildren so far.

Anyway, my blog is about my life, my faith, photography, what I do and everything under the sun.  I do hope that I can inspire someone coz reading your blogs inspires me much. 

Hope to hear from you too!
Feel free to contact me: ligaya.bugten@gmail.com

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