Sunday, May 31, 2015

In the beginning!

In the beginning...
The greatness of God is seen
In sky and sea and forest green;
All living creatures great and small
Reveal the God who made them all. DJD...

Thank You Oh God for creating a wonderful world for us.

  Do not let us spoil the earth.

Thank You for creating us.

Help us to take good care of our bodies.

Not to pollute our thoughts and not to make our bodies filthy.

 Let Your light shine through us...

Your love manifest through us. 

 Help us to separate ourselves from evil thoughts and deeds.

Thank You for Your word is our guide.

 Let it overflows through us.

A living water to flow to dry lands.

Let us bear good fruits to soothe the hunger in the midst of us.

Let us spread the beauty of Your creation...

to comfort

to inspire
to give joy to the heart...

I pray in Jesus name. Amen

Saturday, May 30, 2015

What we don't need!


      Yes, we are bombarded everyday with all the stuffs that the producers wanted us to buy and they make us believe that we need all those things. Then most of us get tempted and buy stuffs that are not necessary and can live without. 


      Maybe you are a person that always want the latest gadget or newest fashion clothes all the time? But is it really the essence of life? How wonderful would that be if we can roam around the shop malls  and be happy that we don't need all the things that are sale!

       Father God, help us to be wise in our spending, more generous in our giving to others, and more sacrificial with the resources that You had given us. May we be content of Your everyday blessings. Let us aim instead to accumulate more of Your wisdom, goodness and knowledge to live a happy life in this confused and materialistic world. 

      ‪#‎Devotion‬ Read 1 Timothy 6:6-11

     Food for the eyes

     Today, we were blessed by a very nice weather here in my place. My plan was to invite some friends for a tour, but no one was available. My husband is onbord the ship again, so he was not available too:) so after cleaning the house and baking a cake, I decided to take my car and went for a drive myself.
    I found a place to hike in a tour guide, but since I haven't been there before, I was not sure if I would find the place. But, I is you and me then God.
    Well, I want to share to you  first the pictures along the road! I stopped by many times to take some pictures:)


    This was the place where I started my walk. I was going to find the angel that was printed in the sign.

    To be continued in my next post!...
    How about you guys? Have you been out today?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mixed signals

    Food for the soul!

    We live in a world where we get both good and bad signals from everywhere. We can get confused. Things that was wrong before are now right and the other way around. Sin is not the focus anymore, but how one should satisfy the flesh. And that is the definition of love nowadays for many. The world is more self-concious than God-concious. What shall we do then? 
    I still believe that the right path is to listen to God's signals because they are meant for our protection, correction and direction. God's definition of love is the best.                             ( 1. Corinthians 13) 
    Prayer: Dear God, I pray for me and my loved ones, my  friends not to be misguided by wrong signals from this world. I pray that Your signals will be the strongest, the loudest and be the most powerful in everyone's life. Let us see the beauty of Your world...Your words and Your presence. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by many.
     Heart Teaching Quotes

    Food for the body! 
    If you read my last post where I shared about Rockheim museum, this is the continuation. This is the restaurant inside .

    Look at the ceiling!

    Foods that they served to us!

     Nice and clean place! Open for everybody actually!

    There were also entertainers there who performed for us. They encouraged us to use them to entertain the elderly in the nursing homes. It was what the seminar was all about.
    He is a comedian that made us laugh! 

     Music for the soul!

    Zumba dance 
    Just for the elderly...and for us too:) 

    Ending this post with a picture of missing dog!

    Wishing everyone a lovely day!

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