Monday, May 12, 2014

Mountain climbing!

One of the things I wanted to do or dreaming to do was to climb mountains. To see and to feel that I am on top of the world.
Well, one day, an opportunity came when my young friend, Maria Stella,  invited me to mountain climbing near her place. So I asked Rowena, another young friend to accompany us.

Actually it is only a hill located in Åfjord, Norway. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is 345 meters.

This is the starting point.

My young tour mates: Rowena and Maria Stella. 

Nice view at the starting point!

Here flows Åfjord's river where people try to catch salmons with their fishing hooks.

Look at our goal for the day!

Flower along the way...

Here I was, the grandmother ready for the climb

Pointing to the right path

signs all the way

Sara, Maria Stella's dog was with us too.

We didn't start the climbing yet

Now, on the way to their water reserve tanks 

There is a cottage her, but we saw no people

The first stop. We wrote our names in the book to show that we had reached so far.

But,  we had just began the climbing

As you can see, I was already up high here

We found a place to rest and to drink some water...

and take some pictures

Then we began the tough part...

higher and higher

resting again

It was overcast and it began to rain, so the view was not so clear.

Well, after using our feets and hands to climb, we reached the top.

See, I now have the mountain on the tip of my finger:)

The happy climbers!

Hurray for us!

Maria's lovemate came also. He used another way which was too much dangerous for us ladies.

Here are the views on top

We ate a little bit before descending the mountain.

Here you can see  Åfjord community where Maria Stella lives

They just have to take a break..waiting for grandma...

who was busy taking pictures:)

Then at last, we arrived safe at the starting point.

Very exhausted, but happy and proud that we did it:)

Well, it was just the beginning. More mountains to explore in another time.)

How about you? Do you want to explore mountain tops too?


Sunday, May 11, 2014

The essence of being outside.

It was a beautiful day when I was at work in the nursing home. So I went for a walk with an elderly. She sat in a wheelchair 
so I pushed and rolled and talked with her. Nice exercise for me:)

Besides, we took a lot of pictures along the way as you can see! Lots of flowers everywhere!

We found also nice creatures along the path!

Mr and Ms troll

old, but beautiful pot

Reminds me of myself and the elderly who was with me:)

Anyway, we really did enjoy being outside. Breathing the fresh air and feeling the warm rays of the sun. We had been renewed and refreshed.

Ending this post with sunsets I captured outside my bedroom's window in the last few days!

Leaving you this quote to ponder!


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