Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Those were the days!

Last month me and one of our leaders in the nursing home, where I works went to a seminar held in this place  ( Rockheim) and since it is a museum, we got the chance to roam around the place during lunch break.

This museum shows old music instruments and things way back in the sixties, seventies and so on. Anyway, I couldn't relate much since it shows more about Norwegian artists, which I didn't know before I came to Norway. Some of them though are still well known up to now. But still it was interesting to see the things that were used in those days.
I believe many can relate to these old music instruments .

This is a replica of a tour bus, used by the artists in turne.

A music room where you can choose an artist and listens to his or her song

More to see

Different music instruments

Old book shelf

Radio and tv?
Vaccum cleaner
To curl the hair

Old magazines

Old newspapers
 Remember this telephone? When I came to Norway, it was like the same telephone that my husband was using.

Old bikes and old suitcases

 Old things for men?

Norwegian kitchen in old days
 Yes, the Jukebox!
Do you recognize some of these things?
Ending this post With " Food for the soul"
His unfailing love....
I am persuaded that neither death nor life...
shall be able to separate us from the love of God.
Romans 8:38-39
" When trials overwhelm your soul
And seem too much to bear,
Just ask the Lord to show His love,...

Then trust His tender care." - Sper Prayer:
Dear God,
 thank You for Your love when we needed it the most...
when everything seems hopeless...
when we face hindrances,
difficulties or danger.
Thank You for Your love
never ceaseth and never fails.
��Know Christ and know God's love

Monday, May 25, 2015

Growing up!

Hello everyone! How was your day? 
About me then, I was busy..busy. Last Saturday, I was invited by Jolly, a friend of mine to the Confirmation of her youngest daughter. Anne Kristine is her name and she is the young girl in the picture below together with her father, the priest and her mother.

Below is a picture of Anne Kristine with her family and relatives. Not all of them, because she has two more brothers that were not in the picture and of course more relatives.

 Here in Norway, Confirmation  is a big event for the 15 years olds because it is the day that they will be celebrating their transition from being a child to young grown up. They will be receiving gifts, for the mostly money and the sum can be very huge for them.  There are different methods to do it. Some do it in church as a confirmation  of their baptism, like Anne Kristine did with family and friends. Some do it privately...those who don't believe in God. Just a transition from being a child to being a grown up. But still they  make a big celebration of it.

This is a Catholic Confirmation since Anne Kristine's family is Catholics. But the ceremony was very nice, as a visitor said later..we have  a lot to learn from the ceremony.

Anyway, fast - forward to the celebration.. This was the place for the celebration. There were so many guests that were invited.

Me and  Camilla, a friend. She too was from the Philippines.

And for the foods! A typical Philippine's cuisine. We call it lechon in our own language where we grilled the whole suckling pig. 

But there were more. My friend Jolly the mother of Anne Kristine prepared lot's of Philippine's foods to our delight. The Norwegians love the foods too!

Some of the happy guest from different countries like Philippines, America and Brazil!

Ladies from the Philippines, that includes me!

Wanida to the left was from Thailand, Camilla from the Philippines and Ann Helen is a Norwegian

 The gift table. Like I said, mostly the guests gives money, that is why there were plenty of cards with money inside on the table.

The younger ones, I think they are so sweet!

 The traditional kranse kake ( wreath cake) which is served for this kind of celebration in Norway, weddings or birthdays.

The best of all the cakes. 

Last picture of Anne Kristine with her friends and the cake table.

 Ending this post with "Food for the soul!"

Our ways...or God's ways...

Selfie....selfie...selfie! Have we ever think how many times we lift ourselves up and put God in the background? How many times that we chose to be in other places than with the presence of God? We do things our way...not God's way. Do we feel fulfilled then of doing things apart from God? Where is our true happiness? Is there a place for God in our lives? Are we interested in knowing Him and exploring His kingdom? Or is He just the one we call when we needed help? 
Whatever the reason...God said that unless He builds the house..they labor in vain who build it. Psalm 127: 1
Quote from Adams
* Life is wasted, useless, and of no avail
Unless we're living daily for the Lord;
Let's pledge ourselves anew to living godly, Anything less we simply can't afford.*

- God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him. 

Dear God, I pray for each and every one of us to seek first Your kingdom and its righteousness. In doing so, You will provide everything for us. I pray that You will be lifted up in our lives. Less selfie and more of You. Let our hearts hunger for Your presence. Thirst after Thy word. Be one with You in spirit and in truth. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

Sunday, May 24, 2015


    Hello everyone! Yes, it is Sunday and today is a very special day. A day of reminiscence. Pentecost!

    Pentecost...which we remember today, has its roots in agricultural settings. Fifty days after Passover, Jewish farmers celebrated the feast of weeks. Lev. 23: 15-22. In which they recognized the hand of God who gave the crops.

     Pentecost historical farming connection reminds us that a world of lost souls is ready for harvest. John 4:35

    Today is also a reminder  to recognize the blessings that comes from God. 

    To thank Him for every good things. 

    To use the blessings that He gave us to bless each other. 

    To bear good fruit. To bring in a new harvest. 

    As believers we are God's farmers and should be bearing good fruits. 

     It is also a reminder to gather together...pray..and wait for God. 

    For His presence brings miracles and good harvest in our life.
    Happy Pentecost my friends!
    (Pictures were taken from my last trip to my homecountry Philippines)


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