Monday, May 4, 2015

On top of the mountain

Welcome everyone! After a nice day at work, good dinner, a nap and Zumba trim, I am ready to share our trip to the mountain. 

We are now soon on top

just some more valleys to go

going up

and up

and up

Now, we are on top of the mountain. The wind blows so hard

looking around

my hubby

So beautiful up there in Osplikammen

Can you see the town in the horizon?

Lovely view

Yes, I am here too!

Peace for the soul

Brave husband?

Yes, he did it!

Trying to push the big rock:)

Troll ?

Can you see the beautiful plant that grows up here?

It was really a wonderful to be on top of the mountain. Isn't it?

Ending this post with a prayer

Lord God, today I commit to You my present location and 


May You guide me throughout this life to just be where You 

want me to be,

as I seek to do Your will.

You are my dwelling place and I rest under the shadow of 

Your wings

Mountain hike!

Hello everyone. Hope you had a lovely day today.
 Here in my place, the sun is shining right now. Had been out for a little walk with my hubby again yesterday and it was very refreshing.

But I am going to talk about our mountain hike the day before yesterday.

Since it was cold although the sun was shining, I have to put on legwarmers.
Anyway our mountain hike began smoothly nice although very tiring. I had taken many pictures along the way, but the hike ended in nightmare when we get lost on the way back. 
I was very afraid and I felt that maybe we would sleep in the woods and freeze to death.  I prayed to God to show us the way, and after a more than hour walking He showed us a path leaded to the main road. 

Here was the starting point. 

We were going to  Osplikammen. Highest mountain in our place with 5000 residents. Ca. 300 meter above sea level

Trolls along the path?

Please join us with the hike because it is going to be long

I love the green and the blue together

Now, we can see a valley

Beautiful clouds behind the trees

Nice to see the clouds on the ground too

The grass are not green yet here

We are getting closer

Just more valleys to cross over

A dead tree has its charm too

Two trolls?

More beautiful clouds

Be careful! The path is wet and muddy

Another troll? 

 We are getting nearer

Just some more valleys to go

Well, I believe you are tired now, so we take a rest.  Hope you come along again as we continue our journey .

Have you been to a mountain hike before and get lost?

Ending this blogpost with words to ponder:

Can we outgive God?

What does He wants from us?
Listening open heart...obedience and relationship.

What God gives in return? forgiveness..mercy

endurance..patience...strength...guidance...eternal life
and the list goes on.

* Spirit of God, descend upon my heart:

Wean it from earth, through all its pulses move

Stoop to my weakness, mighty as Thou art,

And make me love Thee as I ought to love. - Croly

- If you are not close to God as you used to be...guess who 



Sunday, May 3, 2015

A wonderful day!

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying a cup of coffee now and just relaxing and having a good time. 

Well, it is raining today and good to be at home. My body aches after mountain hike yesterday, which I am going to share later when I am finished uploading the pictures.

Anyway, Friday  was Labor day and a free day for me, so I enjoyed every minute of it.
Since it is spring here, I bought some plants to have inside my house, but only two managed to survive in my hands.

Well, this flowering plant was a gift from two elderly.

This one survived among the plants I bought.

My husband honored the day by hanging the flag.

But a farmer in the neighborhood didn't care. He had work to be done!

Anyway, me and my husband decided to stroll with our bikes. We went to the seaside to visit our little boat.

The weather was fine while we strolled!

Cold wind though, so I was freezing

There were  two chairs there at the seaside , but it was too cold to sit there and relax

So I continued taking shots instead


Our little boat

Reflection of the sun.

The sea was calm

glittering sunlight

Mystical sight


After checking our boat..we strolled home and afterwards visited my Made her happy!
Then I finished making layer strips for this crocheted table cloth that I made for an elderly friend. It was about time coz making this took almost a year:) 

That was my day! How about yours? 

Ending this post a prayer.

Sovereign God, 

I thank you for each disturbing or humbling 

situation in my life, 

for each breaking or cleansing process 

You are allowing, 

for each problem or hindrance, 

for each thing that triggers in me anxiety or anger or pain. 

In them I grow and learn to cling unto Thee. 

And I thank You in advance for help for each 

dissappointment, each demanding duty, 

each pressure, each interruption

 that may arise in the 

coming hours and days. Amen

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