Thursday, December 6, 2012


Decorating for Christmas celebration brings back memories.

This stuffed doll which I made for my youngest daughter many years ago had been with us in many years. But she is still loved. Reminds me of my youngest daughter who is in Mexico right now, but will be home next week. I want Kossi, the name of the doll to welcome her home! She always takes the doll with her in her bedroom and sleep with her during Christmas time.

Under are some of Christmas decorations I made these last few years that makes me ponder.....

And these supposed to be my husband, our daughter and me which I crotheted a while ago too!

I made also snowmen. Actually lots of them, but I kept only three!

Another group of snowladies. I knitted and crocheted their hairs:)

I made also this little boy!

And this old lady!

And this christmas stockings! Hope someone put something in it:)

My white angel. She has wings, but too small, so it doesn't show in front:) Maybe I should put clothes on her. But again, it is art. So I hope I am forgiven! 

 Flower candle that I receive as a gift from one of my sisters many years ago. But I only used this for decoration because this is precious to me.

And now I put together all my different Santa Clauses or the like.

                                  I put the  small ones in my bookshelf!

Small varieties of Christmas decors that I collected over the years!

My angels!

And finally, my manger. The meaning of Christmas!

Another family of Jesus with the three kings and angels! A gift from the same sister who gave me the flower candle. Love this one too!

Snowman at the entance! I bought this one!

This is how my windows in front  looks like. Don't have so much decoration on my window post because our cat use to sit there:) 
Pillow cases bought in the Philippines!

I am not finish decorating yet. Hopefully,  I will be finished with the Christmas tree this week end!

How about you? Are you done with decorating yet?

Anyway, I am sharing our " Labor Union simple Christmas Party yesterday night. Last part of my post.

Here is me again while waiting for my sister who is going to go with me!

And here is the place we are going to have a party. It is cold, dark and snowing!

                             This is the hall and picture taking is a must:)

                                                  My older sister!

At the entrance! Their santas!

And the members......

                       The men's choir who entertained us!

My co-workers in the nursing home at the same table!

The name of the labor union: "Fagforbundet "written on the candle light.

Now eating time!

Day after, the sun shines.  Beautiful!

Signs of Christmas season at the nursing home too:)

With their Santa Clauses!

And this one is bigger than I am!

  No sign of Jesus or the manger anywhere! Where is the true meaning of Christmas? 

Do you find it anywhere?

Happy to have Jesus in my heart though! Memories that should not be forgotten!



  1. ang ganda ng decors nyo Ms. joy. samin wala kaming xmas tree. im staying with my aunt, and we only have big balls and wreath. we have lot of pets at home, three dogs and two cats. so hard to let the xmas tree stand whole night. lol

    ang bata bata nyo pa magkapatid ms joy. ang gusto ko yung boots mo. ang super chix

    1. We have one cat, but she behaves nicely:)
      Thanks Phioxee.

  2. Brilliant ideas, love your creations and arts po. Can't wait til I'll be allowed to put decors in our home soon hehe. Btw, I'm a member of the union also since last year, good to see how you and your sister get along well with the norwegian society. You are both an inspiration!

    1. Takk Gracie. De er snille folk naman.
      I cant wait to see your christmas decors:)
      Dito nag decorate ako kahit ayaw kasama ko kasi i want to experience christmas longer. Plastic lang naman christmas tree ko gracie kaya ok lang:)

    2. Looks like mapagbibigyan ako ng hinay hinay hehe, paunti unti kasi ang pagrydde ko at pagjule vaske, dina kinakaya ng ryggen ko buong araw na general cleaning hahahah!

  3. Hi Ma'm Joy!

    Wow ang ku-cute ng mga Christmas Stuffed Dolls nyo. Paskon'g pasko na talaga and yung snow sa labas, kakatuwa pagmasdan :)

    Happy Christmas!

  4. Hi Joy, What a fun post!!!! I love seeing all of your home-made Christmas decorations... Those are my favorites (as you know from looking at my Monday's blog post). I especially liked the little woman knitting... SO cute! I also loved your nativity and your angels. Thanks for sharing.

  5. parang bet kong humingi sa mga nasa taas kanina ... hehehe

  6. Ang ganda ng effect nong photo na may snow! Merry White Christmas Ms Joy...

    At ang cute ng mga gawa nyong dolls, pwedeng pangbenta!

  7. wow... unique po ang pagkakagawa.... nagustuhan ko talaga.... bilib po talaga ako sa binigay ni God na talent and skills sa inyo...

    Bestregards po!

    Hugs ^^

    1. Thanks Jondmur. God is really good to us!

  8. WOW at WOW :) wala nman akong masabi sa mga christmas decor mo ate Joy wala akong mapili lahat maganda lalo na ang crochet very impressive. Merry Christmas Ate Joy and a Happy New Year too!

    1. Thanks Leah. Merry christmas too and happy new year:)

  9. may doll na ba si ethan pag-uwi mo?

  10. i feel more the spirit of Christmas here. hehe, Merry Christmas po! :)

  11. Anganda nung snowy effect nun photo sa itaas Ms.Joy. Nakahahawa ang happiness at ang spirit ng Christmas ay buhay na buhay dyan. Angaling nyo talaga sa paggagantsilyo :))

  12. Ang cute ng decors mo Ms. Joy. Ang gaing. Nakakatuwa. At ang seksi ng picture ni madam :) Merry Christmas Ms. Joy :)

  13. siguro kung magkapitbahay tau ang dami ko ng nahingi na crocheted work mo hehe..hingi talaga..ang gaganda kasi eh...

    you look gorgeous in that outfit mama joy.. love the boots!

    gusto ko maexperience ang snow :)


    1. Thanks pink line. In sure you can crohet too if you have time. Kung magkapitbahayay tayo, tinuruan sana kita:)
      Dont worry, maybe maka abroad ka din at makakita ng snow:)

  14. Very nice atmosphere Christmas photos with excellent color and very tenderly. Greetings.

  15. You are such a beautiful lady, and I love everything you share.

  16. What can I say? Really awesome! Love all the captures...i like that crocheted stuffs. Amazing!

  17. Cute stuffed dolls, Joy! I like all the Christmas photos too. You are beautiful Joy and love your outfit.

  18. Joy! Look at your labor of love on Christmas walang-wala ang mga ginawa ko :) when our daughter is older sna magkatime din ako matuto mag crochet! Idol kita!

    Spanish Pinay

  19. Ang galing-galing naman ng projects mo, Joy. You are so talented and matiyaga. :-) Saka na lang kita babatiin ng Merry Christmas pag pasko na. Happy Advent muna ang bati ko sa iyo. :-)

  20. nice decors... bring some when you come here next year


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