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It is winter. It is dark and cold. And many of us are lonely, scared and depressed in this time of the year. Those who live in a country where the sun shines almost all year round, but living in poverty will certainly exchange their lives with us. To experience how it is to have plenty of food, sleep in a soft bed and stay in a beautiful house. To sit beside the fireplace and read a nice book. To see the snow and make snowman. And if we do really exchange our comfort with them, they will be happy while we will be more depressed.

Why is this so? Loneliness affects many. It is Christmas season, but there are more lonely people in this time of year than any other day of the year.

One thing I know, when I feel lonely, God reminds me come to him.

My husband is a sailor and is away most time of the year. My family in the Philippines is so far away. It is breaking my heart not to be with my loved ones espeacially this season. And then I feel lonely. That is why it's good to be

able to come to God because he assures me that I am not alone and he is with me and those I love. And I have always to see to see the bright sides of life and his blessings and be a blessing instead.

                                  King David prayed:

Then he continued with these words:

The I will go to the altar of God, my joy and my delight.
I will praise you with the harp,
O God, my God.

Imagine that! Even King David was lonely too. He had everything. Wealth, power, good looks and many wives. But it was not enough. He needed God. There he finds the real pleasure and get inspired to sing and play.

Because God is light. We noticed it when it gets lighter, we become happier and we feel better.

Because God is good and when we experience His goodness,
 we became grateful and will automatically feel good.

Because there is help from God and that gives us courage.

Because there's joy in his presence and we find comfort.

We come to God, because he is a source of life. When we do, we too became alive.

David experienced it. And we will also do so summer or winter. Be cured of loneliness especially in dark days. Then we are the one who is going to be the light around us. We can inspire others and share hope.

Isn't it wonderful to be able to encourage others?

John 1: 4 In him was life, and the life was the light of men.

Have a nice and happy Christmas celebration friends!



  1. Joy, I will catch up with reading one day but for now, let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. :-) I am so glad to have met you.


    1. Thanks Imelda. I am happy, I met you too:)

  2. Ma'm Joy!!!! pa hugs naman po *hugs* :D

    Merry Christmas po and thanks for this very inspiring post. Actually, parang may "Christmas Blues" akong nararamdaman ngayon and I dunno why lols. I'm glad may nabasa akong ganitong post this Christmas day, it lifted my spirit somehow. :)

  3. Thanks for heartwarming comment Fiel -kun. Merry christmas:)

  4. I agree that it's wonderful to be able to encourage others. I will strive to be able to do so. Light in your card is wonderful. It encourage me.
    Merry Christmas and a Happay New Year!

  5. Million hugs to u Mama Joy.

    Talagang sa kalungkutan ay may kasiyahan kung ikaw ay nasa Dyos :)

    Merry Chirstmas Mama Joy :)

  6. ☆ * :: *: ☆ Merry Christmas ☆: * :: * ☆
    Congratulations to a wonderful Christmas.
    From Japan.
    My name is Ryoma Sakamoto.

  7. made a pic greeting for you ate joy, nasa blogsite ko lang po. di ko kasi alam san ko isesend hehehe happy holidays!!

  8. As always, very inspiring post from you Mommy Joy! I know na ang dark at cold winter dyan ay napapainit at napapaliwanag mo by sharing the words of God! Thanks!

  9. In Him there is no darkness, He is the light. Blessings and hugs this season and year around!


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