Sunday, December 30, 2012

Forever young?

Who can be forever young? We want to be. People searched for the spring of life. Used fortune just make oneself  looking young and do a lot of remaking and restoring and you name it. Is it that really important?

Yesterday, I was invited by my friend Mercy to a small gathering of friends in her house.
                             Outside was cold and snowing!
But this lady wanted to come. To be with friends and to feel the warmth of their presence.
                Meet the guests who wants to be forever young!



Mercy prepared so much food for some of us. Athough we were not complete because some couldn't come for different reasons.

          The guests brought desserts, but I forgot to take pictures:)

                        But we did enjoyed each other's company. 
                           Lots of laughter and sharing our ups and downs!

Yes, sharing! Wondering how do we look like now if we stayed in our homecountry.....

Just look at my picture before I came to Norway. This was my NBI clearance picture. I was 27 years old that time. Very scary. My difficult life showed in this picture.
Who would though that I after 23 years I would look like this? Now, I am 50 years old.

Well, better life and better condition does help much. And God's grace and goodness.

But, are we exempted for heartaches, problems, trials because we live in a rich country? Of course not. Because behind those smiles and still looking young faces, there are secrets that probably tearing their hearts. One is not exempted for sickness that can cause one to die young, problems in marriage, work and the list is endless. Just like any other human being in this planet. There are fear of death, fear being  of alone or losing someone and fear of the unknown.

That made us think that the only person we can rely on is God.

This morning God lead me to:

And that is Jesus encouragement for everyone. Wishing to be forever young is not possible in our life on earth, but one day when we get to heaven, then we will be forever young. Inside and out.

And Jesus provides the way. We only have to believe. 

                  Happy New Year to all my friends!


  1. Nabasa ko na eto. You look young Mama Joy. Di ka mukhang 50 :)

  2. Mami Joy!!! wow, mas mukha po kayong bata ngayong 50 years old na kayo compared dun sa nbi clearance pic nyo :)

    Share ko lang din tong isa sa mga favorite quotes ko:
    Life is a series of problems. Everytime you solve one, another is waiting to take it's place. Not all of them are big, but all are significant in God's Growth process for you.

    Happy 2013 po!

  3. Thanks and what a beautiful quote. Like it very much. Happy 2013 din:)

  4. Yes, grandma :)) (naks, nakiki-grandma me, haha) May bago akong grandma ngayong 2012 at maraming maraming salamat po Ms. Joy sa inyo. Salamat po sa mga bible verse na inyong isini-share sa amin at mga pictures na pang mayaman :)) Happy New Year po :)

  5. Thanks Anthony for your faithful visits and comments. Happy new year too:)

  6. big difference pero sa old pic u can already see that you are indeed a good person ...

    merry christmas ms. joy!

    1. Thanks Kulapipot. Very nice words:)
      Happy new year to you:)

  7. I look a good bit younger than most of my old co-students in high school. I don't smoke, drink, or party so I can't imagine how awful some of them will look when they really get old.

    1. Wow! You are a very good young man. I admire you Adam:)
      Happy new year!

  8. you look so young ate ^^
    happy new year po! very inspiring po ung John 14:1.

    God Bless you always ate.

    PS: hihirit me ate, i need more time to practice portraits (challenging pero happy) Good day :)

  9. Thanks Jessica:) baka puede mo post sa blog mo porttrait na ginawa mo.?Para makita ko:) mean much to me:)

  10. ay parang hindi napost yong comment ko kagabi dito. being young is not in our age, but i think spiritually. and kapag masaya ka rin sa gingawa mo, bumabata ka, nagbbloom. may mga bagay talaga sa mundo na kahit na anong gawin natin if its not meant for us then ang hirap hanapin or buksan ang pinto pero kapag yon talaga ang para sa atin, kahit hindi na natin hanapin darating at darating lang yon in the right time and place. im so happy that nakilala kita dito sa blogspero mami joy dahil nakakadagdag lakas ito para abotin pa ang mga pangarap ko. happy new year mami joy!!

    1. Thanks for your heartfelt comment Lala. Happy New Year too:)

  11. Wow this is very inspiring. =) Nice verses. Happy that you have a good life there in Norway, it's still tough here in the Philippines but still one of the happiest places in the world. No place like home. =) It looks like you guys had fun, lovely pictures. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR Ms. Joy! May GOD shower you with more blessings, good health and peace of mind. Take care


  12. Thank you so much Krystal for visiting and the nice comment. Bless you dear and happy new year too:)

  13. Haha, mas fresh-looking nga today! At 50, you look young. I once read 'God runs a beauty parlor'. Perhaps you visit His parlor frequently. Very happy for you Miss Joy. God bless you always. Keep inspiring us!

  14. Thanks Ric. Yes, probably, I visit God's parlor everyday Ric.
    Happy New Year!

  15. Ha ha ha Joy forgive me but you made me laugh sooo hard with your comparison with the NBI pic vs today ha ha ha.

    Thanks again for the inspiration. Join ako sa "Forever Young" ha :)

    Knowing you from the blogosphere is one among my best blessings in 2012. Happy New Year my friend! I wish you the best for 2013!

  16. Good I made you laugh:) my daughter get scared. Lol.
    Anyway, thanks Balut gor kniwing you too. You are an inspiration too. And yes, member ka na ng forever young group:)

  17. Wow, Joy... You really must have had a hard time those many years ago. You obviously have a great life now ---since you look fabulous.. Congrats!!!!!

    Looks like you and your friends always have so much fun together.


  18. you look so much happier in your pictures now than in the one from all those years ago...still look quite young and beautiful. many blessings!

  19. Believe it or not Ms Joy, mas fresh at beautiful ka now than you did in your NBI pic when you were 27 :) Indeed no one can stay young forever - but who wants that when getting old with the people you love is the best thing one can experience :)

    Happy New Year to you Ms Joy! I'm really happy I got to know you this year. God bless! :)

  20. You look so young ! Do not tell anyone that you hit half a century ! :)


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