Tuesday, April 16, 2013

16th and 17th entries to " Letter To God Contest"

This entry is from Cyron. A very talented man who loves to doodle.  He creates nice arts!

                           ( A sample of Cyron's doodling)

His entry:

Dear God, 

How are you?
Me, I'm fine. Still struggling to live.
It's been a long time..
and I don't even know where to start.
I feel lost and frustrated.

I really don't understand why..
you're doing this to me, but
I will trust you.
Good or Bad, your choice.
I don't know who to trust,
people are just so selfish.

The world is black,
Life is so cruel,
I saw a dead pigeon crashed by a car.
As I pass by to it, 
I whispered to myself,
"Did it really deserve to die like that?"

Sometimes I ask my self, 
"Do you even exist?"
Are you THE only one?
Or am I just believing to something..
That who is just an imaginary of human being?

I am a disgrace to my religion,
But you know me well,
I do not believe to thing,
that also man invented.
I only believe to myself and to you.

His blog:

                                          17th entry

From Stacy. A newly acquainted blogger. I love her description of herself :
"Shallow in the world, DEEP in JESUS CHRIST."

And this is what she said about the contest:

Your contest is beautiful. :) People get to share how much they love God in ways they experience Him in their lives. 

Her entry: 

To the Symphony of my life...

In awe and reverence I bow down to You
The faithful shepherd who found me when I was lost.
In the darkness where I cannot see
You are the light that guided me.

When trouble comes, I called and I’m saved
When I raise my hand in prayer, I’m blessed
My soul will feast and be satisfied
And will sing glad songs of praise to You.

The world will break my heart
But You will stitch it anew
My songs will be out of tune
But Your melody will continue
Listen Lord as I shout with mighty roar
As I proclaim who You are in me.

God, my symphony
Yes Father, You are my symphony
Lord, You are The Symphony
You bring symphony to my life.

Then make me worthy to be Your servant
Cleanse me and make me as white as snow
Make me a vessel of Your immeasurable love
I am yours my Majesty, my King, my God.

And when the day comes that my time is up
Bring me to the place where the language is LOVE
The end goal of life, but an eternal beginning
A place once a dream but with You it is real.

Father hold my hand, never let me go. 
Use me as Your mouthpiece, an instrument here on earth
Fiat Voluntas Tua, Your will be done on me is my prayer to You
I am Yours Lord, I am only for You, I trust You and I love You.

Your Servant,

You can visit Stacy on her blog:

More entries to come. For details of " Letter To God Contest", click here



  1. Goodluck Stacy and Cyron.. nice poems.

  2. Gudlak kay Pareng Cyron... Malaki utang na loob ko sa taong 'yan... He's the one who made my current header eh... hihihihihi

  3. Spennande og utfordrande tankar..

    Takk at du deler!!

  4. Ang daming magagaling! Good luck! :)

  5. Really enjoying these letters.

  6. Good luck to both! these are really nice entries and inspirting as well.

    Spanish Pinay

  7. without even winning, all those who wrote their letters to God already received a prize because right now, God is smiling at them, at us. And all those questions, He is answering, just listen. God Bless us all!

    1. I agree to this Ms. Anastacia..
      They made our Father smile :)

  8. The doodle seems to be a fierce rooster, maybe a fighting one! The first man, knows a god, but I wonder if he has personally asked Jesus to come into his life. The poem is lovely and causes one to wonder. The next letter the lady knows Jesus personally and loves Him and is able to trust Him.

  9. Mommy Joy, I had so much fun reading all the letters.. all are inspiring, some even made me teary eyed.. Thanks for coming up with such a great idea sa contest.. You really are a blessing to all of us! :)

  10. Gusto ko yung pagkakagawa nung kay Ms. Stacy. I just felt how she is so passionate for God and to be used by Him. PANALO!

  11. dame nanh entry ate joy ahh! well im glad to know na
    di lang madameng poetic sating mga blogger pati na din madame
    and makadiyos!
    goodluck and godbless sa lahat ng kasali

  12. I have read through the entries and all of them are inspiring. All very heartfelt. I know there can only be three winners though for me, everyone is a winner already :)

  13. good luck to all the participants, love all the entries :)

  14. I keep coming back to read more and more. Kahit paulit-ulit. truly inspired :)

  15. Wonderful and heart-rending entries. You can tell they have written from their hearts and souls. Good luck to both! Blessings!

  16. More great letters, Joy. Thanks for sharing.


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