Thursday, April 18, 2013

Being with Ethan!

One of the highlights of my recently trip to the Philippines was being with Ethan. My fifth grandchild. He is the son of my second daughter Michelle. To get to know her more, you can visit her website She is the one who introduced me to blogging world. And I got addicted. 

Anyway, here is Ethan, cuddling the clown that I made for him. He loves it like her Wowa, I think. He calls me Wowa for Lola 
( grandma) Although we seldom see each other, he really  loves me. I believe its mutual:)

One day I asked his mother and him to accompany me to the nearest mall where I have to meet a couple to deliver a letter from a friend here in Norway. Since her husband was at work and using their car, we took a jeepney ride.  Reminds me of old days.

borrowed picture from google

We stopped by in a Jollibee food chain to eat snacks , but he was just interested in playing.

But Ethan got thirsty afterwards.  We look alike, isnt it? Young, younger and youngest:)

Anyway, here is the couple that I was going to meet. He bought eggpies and drinks for us at  Goldilocks.

What a nice couple.

After saying goodbye to the couple, we decided to take the train inside the to mall for sightseeing. Grandma gonna ride tootot train:) 

But they were so excited too:)

Nice views along the trail....

After that,  he rode a bump car. And wowa and mommy just watched.

 Then daddy came from work and it was time for dinner. So we went to Paseo. First time for me there. It was a very nice evening, but I only had with me a digital camera and the pictures were not nice. 

I miss this moment where I can just wear a t shirt and shorts and not freeze like where I am now, back in Norway:)

I craved for Philippines cuisines so they brought me here.

It was funny though. The word " kanin" means rabbit in Norway. But in the Philippines " kanin" means cooked rice.

This place is known for their crispy dinuguan. I just love the crispness of the meat.

Being from Bicol region, I missed vegetables cooked in coconut milk. So I ordered "Ginatanan sigarilyas." Crispy and hot!

Have to try "Sizzling squids " too.

But Ethan was not interested in eating. He was busy playing with his father's mobile phone. And his eyebrows were helping too. Isn't he sweet? :)

Saying goodbye with this picture. Ethan and I. Miss you Ethan.

          More highlights with my other grandkids aftewards:)



  1. So oily and stressed ang face.

  2. I am happy you had such a nice visit with your daughter and grandson. He is a sweetie. Riding a train is such fun. I was reminded of a train that we had in a park when I was a child. I loved to ride the train. Your grandson is like most young boys. They would rather play than eat. Wait until he gets a bit older then he will eat plenty.

    1. Thanks hazel. I hope so coz he is.not fond of eating since he was born.

  3. Ethan is adorable, Joy. I know you enjoyed being with him. Looks like you all had a great time together. Your daughter is a pretty as her Mama.

  4. Your grandson is adorable. Nainggit naman ako sa food na pinakita mo. Naglaway ako sa ginataan sigarilyas. :-)

  5. Salamat imelda. Ako rin, namiss ko na both:)

  6. naku mommy joy oa na sa init dito oka na yan malamig na climate dyan haha
    anyways ang cute ni ethan

    1. Oo nga. Mas ok malamig. Masarap matulog mecoy:)

  7. c ethan d lg ang mata ang sumasangayon sa laro,pati ung nguso,n d lng nmn c ethan ang cute,kundi c papa ethan din weeee ha h aha


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