Wednesday, April 17, 2013

18th entry to " Letter To God Contest"

He said in his blog: " I just wanna stay " SIMPLE  yet GREAT, explore the world, be a good influence ( at least to someone) and learn the lessons of life. "

            Not bad dream for a young man. And I loved his words: 

Skrypton Jei

I may not have "S" on my chest but I am ...........fighting my own Kryptonite

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And here  Jayson Juan's  entry:

My Remorse and Rejoice To Thee
Lord, I remorse
for my heart within has disillusions;
Ashamed because to You I can't conceal my true color
dissimulating my feeling just to look strong.
Lord, I cry
for all my blunders and unwise decisions
but give me chance oh God to atone
All my defiance and transgressions
I sometimes blame you everytime I fall
Sometimes I thought I'm deserted and abandoned
I remorse oh God. I cry.
I forgot, Your Son shouted "It is done" before He died
I pity myself Oh God
for I was clouded by my self-indulged plight;
I remember, Your Son redeemed my life
which I must celebrate it with Your unconditional love
Oh God I rejoice with the hope You give!
for during Autumn and every fall of leaves
has smell of spring for Your covenant I can live
with renewed faith rekindled with Your Spirit
Lord I exult with outstretched arms
for all the mountains of trouble in my heart
without You, I couldn't climb any of these heights
Thank you because You restored my dying life
I may too weak to fathom Your Intentions
but then again- I rejoice, exult and praise You oh Lord
Enliven my soul through Your profound words
For I must not dwell on my ordeals but to You alone
Hear my voice oh God, hear my remorse
from now on and on I celebrate my life with You with great rejoice

His blog:

Hi friends, I am not joining the " Letter To God Contest". I just want to say hello to all Ms Joy's blogfriends and say good luck to all the participants. God bless you all.

My name is Simen. I am a  turtle made by Ms. Joy to visit you guys:)

Bye for now!


  1. Two thumbs for Jeison's entry. Ang ganda nung message ng poem.

    Galing talaga ng mga PBO'ers ^__^


  2. oo nga. Thumbs up ako s ainyo lahat Fiel-kun:)

  3. Kudos, Joy, for inviting all of these lovely sentiments from your friends. :-)

  4. cute ng turtle..... ^^

    ganda din ng entry na ito.. like ko ang message....

    dami na sumali.... congrats po sa pa contest....

    --- uo nga po di ko natanggap ang cards na napadala nyo... sayang naman... pero thanks po kahit di pa natanggap..

    Godbless po!

  5. Thanks jondmur. Good luck din to yourt writing stories about mothers:)

  6. The short quotes are wonderful Joy and so is Simen - he's a little cutie!

  7. goodluck sa lahat ng entries ... english kasi kaya nagdadalawang isip me hhehehe

    1. Kaya mo yon kulapipot:) magaling ka din sa english naman:)

  8. Galing ni kuya jei!

    Akin na lang si Simen, hehehe

    1. Sayang empi:) may bumili na kay simen. An old lady:). Give nya raw sa apo nya:)

  9. galing ng poem :) kakainggit gumawa ng poem kasu wala ako talento sa ganyan...

  10. ang galing!...
    at hello kay Simen!

  11. Very nicely done...very descriptive and full of feeling...Diane

  12. Ganda naman..well written..

    The turtle is so cute.

  13. hehe sabe ko nga sa blog ni pareng jei isa to
    sa mga favorite ko!
    nice one parekoy dalawang kudos for that!
    cute ng turtle ito pala si samie kala ko ral turtle haha

  14. Wow! What an awesome letter to God!

  15. Beautiful. Very refreshing and hard-core honest.

  16. That is another lovely letter , I liked the writing, turtle is cool :)

  17. Hello Joy dear, the letter is heart felt.. Yes we can feel remorseful for our many mistakes, but praise God, YES!! it is finished.. (done).
    That turtle is so very cute.. xx


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