Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Letter to God contest first, second and third entries!

I was overwhelmed by the responses I received from this " Letter to God contest". It does show how everyone longs to pour out their hearts to God. To bring God the glory and to inspire others.

For more details how to join the contest click here: http://joysnotepad.blogspot.no/2013/04/letter-to-god-contest.html

So here are the first three entries!  These letters made me teary eyed. Letters that  comes from the very cores of their hearts. So inspiring and touching. So go ahead and read and connect with the writer's heart.

First entry: 

GOD is to Blame

When I realized that I wasn't born rich that I had to work to finance my studies, 
I did not blame anyone. I blamed You!

When I felt like I was a social outcast for not having this and that,
I did not blame anyone. I blamed You!

When my romantic relationship ended and I felt alone and tormented,
I did not blame anyone. I blamed You!

When I had to set aside my own happiness to support my family,
I did not blame anyone. I blamed You!

When I wanted to achieve something but failed multiple times,
I did not blame anyone. I blamed You!

When my father got sick and we couldn't send him to a decent hospital which caused his passing,
I did not blame anyone. I blamed You!

When I had to keep fighting to survive but deep inside I was weak and dying,
I did not blame anyone. I blamed you!

When I looked back after surpassing all the hardships and still standing strong,
I did not blame anyone. I blamed You!

GOD, now that I surrender everything to you, I will forever be blaming you,
Because every time I do, You never fail to provide answers...

 From Senyor Iskwater: http://iskwaterstories.blogspot.no/

Second entry:


I know you've always been with me

Sometimes though hard to see

My childhood was so long ago

I wish it were not so

My Daddy was not there for me

To hold me on his knee

To tell me how sweet I was

It's what a Daddy does

I wondered why it had to be

That's how it was for me

Why was he not at home

Why did he have to roam

My mother she did love me though

Watched wherever I did go

Protected me and kept me well

Lifted me up when 'ere I fell

She loved me so, this I can say

And did so till her dying day

But Lord I did not understand

No Daddy there to lend a hand

I longed dear God to know just why

And know you heard me when I did cry

I did not want my Mommy sad

Or have the need to feel real bad

So I pretended not to care

But inside felt it wasn't fair

I could not tell my friend

So help they could not rend

My mother taught me of your love

And how you were above

Watching over me

And all that you could see

You saw my hurt and sorrow

Wherever I would go

But it took sometime to realize

What was before my eyes

I had a Daddy who loved me so

That He sent His son to go

Upon the cross to die for me

How blind I could not see

From Diane: http://hometogo232.wordpress.com/

Third entry:

My Love Letter To God

I was asked to pen a story
A letter, a poem, a note,
My first thought, fear and worry
But, here goes...this is what I wrote:

Dear God

How do I love Thee?
Good question You might say,
Is my love small, is it big?
Do I let other things get in the way?

Things and people tend to occupy my time
And I fear that sometimes I forget to say,
That I truly adore You, Lord
And I am trying my best to not stray.

To stray from Your will....Your ways
From what You would have for me,
Among the chaos of my daily life
Something I must, simply must always see.

I must see through Your eyes
To follow Your lead,
So that no matter what comes
In my life, it's Your will I will heed.

So, how do I love Thee?
Where does my heart and soul live?
Within Your arms...upon Your lap
For You are my Daddy.......to Whom my heart and soul I give.

Your daughter, Debbie

From Debbie  Mitchell:  http://redemptiondrawsnear.blogspot.no/

Thanks for joining and more entries to come:)



  1. I love the 2nd entry... I really like the concept of this contest... It feels like I'm reading prayers... I hope to see more!!!

  2. Thanks Senyor and Melgie:)

  3. Wow! ganda ng mga entries.....

  4. Oo nga Jon. I am waiting for yours:).

  5. nice entries... this is realy awesome contest. I cant wait to read more letters

  6. oo nga Jei Son. Naka inspire talaga:)

  7. I can't see my previous comment hahaha. I don't know what happen but I received your reply via my gmail account Mommy Joy. What went wrong kaya?

    1. di ko rin makita eh, pero dumating sa aking email account kaya don kita sinagot:) Thanks for the comment anyway and for visiting:)

  8. sorry ate joy di pa ko nakakagawa pero promise ilang araw ko na pinagiisipan haha
    wala talaga ko masulat
    anyway gagaling nila!

  9. Matagal pa naman deadline mecoy:) dont worry, it is just pouring out your heart to God:) kung di naman, at least nandon yong thought na gusto mong sumali:)

  10. Dear joy all the letters are heart touching and beautiful , loved all three ;)

  11. Nice! I must make a really good entry to win this! Galing ng first 3 entries :)

  12. Naku, Joy. Mahihirapan ang judge sa gaganda ng entries na ito. Relate na relate ako doon sa first, iyong second, very touching; itong patatlo, ganyan-na ganyan ang feeling ko sa opening. Ang hirap pala sumulat sa Diyos. :-)

  13. Love all of the entries! Great words of inspiration. Thank you, for hosting this, Joy!


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