Monday, April 15, 2013

13th, 14th and 15th entries to " Letter To God Contest"

Hope you are all doing fine friends. A new week has began and new entries had come in to  " Letter To God Contest". Writings from the very core of the writer's hearts.  

                                       The 13th entry 

It’s a date
Waiting for that chance to have you near
For a dinner, or a lunch, or an ambitious date
With you, me, no other friends
In a table for two, everything in the rightful place
On that dream day I will get you something
A token for everything, to me you’ve been doing
Crazy it may seem, I still have no idea what to bring
But then I know you’ll appreciate it whatever could that be
Perhaps you would anxiously laugh at me
Seeing me unease, silly, and shaky
Lips trembling, legs crumbling, I’m not good at this really
My voice wobbling, or worse, couldn’t utter a word totally
But I would try to make the most out of this
Let you feel how happy I am to be with you face to face
I’ll take my time to thank you for everything  Tell my heart’s desires wildly raging
We’ll then take the time to talk about everything
Movies you love, food you eat, songs you want to sing I hope you don’t mind, if I ask you silly things
Because tons of questions are at the back of my head
I’m not the perfect son you wanted me to become
I make mistakes that are unimaginable sometimes
For I am weak and I don’t know
The ways to be strong and walk the right path beside you
In that mean time I would then try to hold my tears
When I say sorry for all these shortcomings
I may not deserve all these things I enquire But with you, I’m reassured I’ll be fine
Now I might have been taking much of your time
Before we part I would like to ask
Your forgiveness, of me always failing to fulfil my tasks And say thank you for this breath of life
From then on I’ll set a date every night with you
And I’m happy because I’m sure you won’t say no

Profilbildet til Olvr Salangad

                       His date with God.

                                14th entry 

Dear God,

Can I ever Thank You enough?

Woke up to just another ordinary day
But I dare not complain
You gave me another morn to spare
And Thank You is all I can say

I've got a family so huge, so crazed
But the love they give is beyond compare
I guess a perfect home is what we all wish for
So Thank You Lord, I couldn't ask for more

Untamed set of friends I have them too
Yet in tough times, I've proven them true
You brought wonderful people in my life
Forgetting to Thank You is just not right

I know sometimes I whine too much
About the things I want but can't have
But Lord, I Thank You because you always give
Just enough of what I ever need

I tend to worry every so often
Anxious of things that are yet to happen
But I know You're there to guide, to protect
Thank You Lord for that promise You kept

Not too long ago I got sick and I was afraid
I cried of pain but never did I lose faith
I was grateful for the doctors but I Thank You even more
You healed me, You had my health restored

And could I ever forget the time when I felt broken
I was alone, or so I thought, and I hit rock bottom
I sincerely prayed that You come back into my life
Then You made me realize, You were there all the while

God, You are so good.
Thank You.

From sweet, beautiful and grateful  Joanne.

Hi, I'm Joanne!

15th entry is  from Mhie.  

Actually her purpose was
 not to join the contest, but she liked the idea of writing God a letter.  So here is her heartfelt letter to God.  

I'm sorry Lord God

I talk to you everyday.
But everyday I've been busy and forget to go in your house.
I've been busy and  lots of reason. 
Deep inside I miss seeing your house.
My week is not complete without seeing and listening your Words,
Words that I kept in my heart in this wicked world.
Though one hour is not enough, but you still love me.
After  all what I have done to you.
You  always there for me.
I'm sorry, Lord God.

I depend to you so much,
But sometime, I question you
Why do you make this happen to me
I am so weak to  understand and face what is the truth.
You show me the real word of  "LOVE" 
I'm sorry Lord God if I question you, Why
I'm sorry Lord God, for my human treats.
I hope you will forgive me and show the right path 
In this earth that I don't know what to do 
Without your help.
I'm sorry Lord God.

Mhie Lee
 Mhie with her lovely daughter!

Until next entries again:)


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  1. nice another sets ng entry ahh! nice sarap basahin nung kay joanne! gagaling! best of luck guys!

  2. Hi Joy, I'm back after a great week OFF.... I've enjoyed reading all of the Letters to God.. You really have gotten alot of response... Praise God for that...


  3. Hala Joy, talagang mahihirapan si Ms. Griep mag-judge. :-) Ang heartfelt ng mga entries.

  4. OO nga Imelda. Ang gagaling ng mga entries:)

  5. omg... OA sa dami ng mga magagaling ah...

  6. Good luck for these entries! Ang gagaling nila. I will have my shorlisting on my own choosing my favorites. I'm not sure lang if I'll be publishing them in my blog.

  7. ...i def loved the notion of having set a date with GOD like what Oliver did... i really like the easy flow of his thoughts there it comes so natural... the ending couplet is just great.. smiles...

  8. Very good entries , I LOVED THE LAST LETTER ;)

  9. sino kaya ang mananalo..pero para sa akin lahat panalo...

  10. Wow grabe po Ms. Joy...super gagaling alam na alam mo na talagang they write from the heart. Iba po talaga pag si Lord ang theme ...
    Ang galing galing ni Lord sa buhay ng bawat writers na ito.
    Pagpalain tayong lahat.
    Gusto ko din yung idea na date with God galing!

  11. Really wonderful and from the heart letters.....Diane

  12. Thanks for publishing my letter's to God, I was so sad that time when I wrote this letter and at the same time I'm struggling something today. BTW all the contestants are really good. it's hard to pick which one is best considering all is from the heart and it shows their feelings towards to GOD.

  13. Ang galing galing! Mahirap mamili. hehe

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Lovely entrees.. so refreshing to read first thing in the morning.:)


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