Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fourth and fifth entry to " Letter to God Contest"

Again, be touched and be inspired with two more entries to " Letter to God contest". 

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Its Me, Your Prince

Father, Its me, your Prince.
And Father, I am weak.
I am ruthless, rude, sarcastic, and horrible.
Father, I am a monster, in my own little ways.
Not realizing how gigantic little things can get.

Father, I am always tempted to do bad things.
My ambition sometimes forced me to concentrate on loving myself
Than being selfless and start caring for others
Moments happened where I don’t recognize myself anymore
Questioning, who I am? Is this the son you created?
Am I what you wanted?

In the middle of all the harsh things, you always blind me.
By your presence, by your love, and by the things you teach.
You remind me that I am still your prince in my own little ways.
Because you know that a thousand mile starts from a single step.
And in that stretch, though I sometimes let go of your hands,

You are still beside me.

Holding me, protecting me, and loving me.

Father, I know sometimes I am not worth it of your love.
A monster doesn’t deserve your love.
And in days where I am so confuse, you cover me with your blood.
Cleansing me, renewing me, and loving me.

Father, I will always be sorry for my sins.
I will always promise to try my best to never commit them again.
And in days where I break such,
Forgive me. Forgive me if I cannot forgive myself.

My lord, I lift all my burdens to you,
All the things I am scared of and all the things that disappoints you.
Just never let go, because I won’t.
Just never lose faith in me, because I will always have faith in you.
Just be there, as always
And I will be eternally grateful.

You are the reason why I am alive.
You, my Lord, are the reason why I change.
You are the reason why I forgive myself.
And you are the reason why I became fearless.
You are bigger than everything.
And knowing that you are my father makes me feel
Greater than all things

From Jay Asinas :

Why Whisper?

At the moment I wake up to a new day
In the darkness of my room
I feel so alive and thankful
..I whisper..God, Thank you!

Before I leave for work
I say goodbye to my family,
my pets, our home
..I whisper..God, Thank you!

On my trip to work,
I whisper a short prayer
Lord keep me safe..and that I am granted
..I whisper..God, Thank you!

At the office, with my friends
a tiring yet fun day
I am blessed to have work
..I whisper..God, Thank you!

When I go home
I am welcomed by my family,
my pets, our home
..I whisper God, thank you!

I often feel so unworthy
to be blessed and feel so loved
I feel ashamed all I do is whisper..
I know I should just shout!


Thank you for this life,
for my family and my friends,
for my health and a home,
for a heart that is loving
for my love that is true
Thank you for this chance
that I got to shout..THANK YOU!!!

From Zaizai:

Thanks  Jay and Zaizai for joining. More entries to come!



  1. What heartfelt entries they are, Joy.

    Ako, malapit na... nakaisip na ako nang maiisulat. :-)

    1. Yes, they are Imelda. I am looking forward for your entry:)

  2. hehe wow dame na ate joy ahh, ako na naprufrustrate na ko kasi wa pa din ako idea
    till now haha sana bukas meron na din ako,

    1. HI hi. easy ka lang Mecoy:) There will be always tomorrow!

  3. Yes Poy! Everybody can join. You can send me your entry to :

    1. thank you for the visit in my blog. hope u come back again. god bless.

  4. Ang huhusay nila! Tsk tsk tsk

  5. very good compositions, galing :)

  6. nag leave na ako ng comment bout his poem doon sa page nya...
    at kay Zai isang bonggang clap clap clap... galing galing...
    iba talaga pag ang sulat ay mula sa puso :)

  7. Waah ang daming magagaling. Nakaka frustrate naman at hindi ko pa din masimulan yung entry ko hahaha. Ang hirap mag-isip :D

  8. Joy, nasulat ko na ang entry ko sa wakas -

    "I opened the window this morning
    and praised your Holy Name
    as the window invited the sun in
    so my soul begged your blessing

    What will a day be like
    when Your light isn’t there
    Shadows will hover over me
    chase away joy, bring in despair.

    I have been through those days
    countless times, My Lord
    when everything I did was routine
    without meaning nor reward.

    How easy it was to bewail my lot
    and envy another’s fortune
    blame You, Lord, for all I lacked
    sing my hymns with listless tunes.

    So, let Your radiance in, My Lord
    brighten the corners of my soul
    guard the beauty you blessed it with
    make this humble castle Your abode.

    Then at night, before I sleep
    may this be my prayer -
    that Your Face shine through mine
    my heart rest always in Your care."

    Thank you for inviting me. It was my joy to write a poem to God. :-)

    Babalikan ko ang entry na ito when I get the chance.

  9. Thanks imelda. I try ko i copy and.paste entry mo para ma feature sa next blogpost ko at mapadala sa judge too.

    1. By the way, your poems always to admire you more.;)


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