Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The joy of giving!

Today, I am wearing the color of Christmas. Color of giving? Together with my older sister, brother-in-law and friends, we are going to visit the elderly to share God's love to them.

And it seems that the weather cooperates today, since there was snowstorm yesterday.
I love sunshine days. It makes this place a little bit warmer.

Nice background for the dry plants and trees!

Anyway, we decorated the place for the occasion. This is the activity center of the nursing home where I actually work almost everyday.

First visitior. My sister's mother in law. A lady with a good heart.

Anyway, this is Claudia who shares God's words today. She read from the Bible the birth of Jesus. She said that like before, people from all walks of life accept Jesus Christ birth differently. Herodes the king wanted to kill Jesus, while the shepherds and the three wise men worshiped him. The question was how do we react of Jesus birth? Do we accept him as a gift from God or do we reject him? Christmas is all about Jesus and God's love to mankind. So her prayer is for each and everyone to accept the God's best gift.

And after Claudia sharing, Reidun shared also how they celebrated Christmas before and how God answered her prayer when she lost a gift from someone she loves.

     ├ůse shared something from the song book about Christmas.

Then, my sister, her hubby and Claudia sung a song about lighting a light this Christmas.

Maria sung a solo sang. It was like hearing an angel singing from heaven. Our spirits lifted up on high.

 But this make us teary eyed. A duet of mother and son. So wonderful.

And the little boy Trond swaying at the background while his mother and brother sung.

   Well, this is food for the soul and body. We brought with us cakes ,breads and fruits for them.

Happy faces!

Here comes the big Santa with the gifts to the elderly.

And Adrian, our cute santa . The gift in the plastic bag consist of small chocolates, cookies and homemade strawberry jam.

 And our cutest Santa did his best too:)

But, there is more:) My sister and brother in law baked big cookies with the names of the elderly written on it.

So look at the smiles!

 Surprise! They baked cookies for us too! And look at our smiles:) Thank you so much sis and brother in law.

The joy of giving. With that I know that God was joyful when he gave his Son as a gift to all of us. The greatest gift of all!


  1. Such a beautiful post Joy. You and your little group brought great Joy to many others. Wonderful message and example. You would have to be the most gorgeous golden girl I know.

  2. there's joy in giving! What a 'joyful' event!!! happy to see those people you work with...And yes, Miss Joy bagay sa iyo ang maging Mrs. Santa! Perfect color and outfit for you!

  3. Thanks Ric. Your comment warms my heart:)

  4. Hi Ma'm Joy :)

    Wow kayo na ang coolest Mrs. Santa with that gorgeous red outfit hehe!

    So nice naman yung ginawa nyo sa mga elderly. Kaya patuloy kayong bini-bless ni Lord because of your kind heart.

    Happy Christmas!

  5. Visiting from Ruby Tuesday 2...thanks for sharing...enjoyed my visit.

  6. The coolest Mrs. Santa :))

    Wala ng sasaya sa pagbabahagi ng spirit of Christmas sa mga nakatatanda. Tiyak na marami po kayong matatanggap na blessings din niyan kay Lord. :))

    Godbless po Mrs. Santa :)

    1. Thanks Anthony. They are a bjessing to me too and so do you:) have a nice day:)

  7. How wonderful, Joy... I'm sure that the elderly in that nursing home really appreciated the party you gave them... That is just so special--and I'm sure it meant so much to them....

    Great pictures... You and your sister are both beautiful.

  8. Lovely deed! :")

    Ate joy, parang gusto ko po marinig yung song ni Ms. Maria, together with her son. :)

    You look gorgeous with your outfit! :)

    1. Oo nga pao kun. Sayang, di ko na record, peto tumulo talaga luha ko.
      Thanks for liking my outfit:)

  9. Nice photos as ever Ate Joy and my oh my you are rocking that red number! That dress is fab on you!

  10. i love your outfit mama joy! ang cute ng little boy :)

  11. Ang dami nyong napasaya sa celebration nyo na yan! Todo ngiti ng mga elderly! Ganda namn ng outfit mo! Bagay sayo ang red!

  12. Wow. I think I want to move to Norway. You have way more parties than we do! Thank you, Joy, for bringing us along with you!

  13. ang ganda ng damit, so red po, nakakainspire, haba ng hat, parang gusto ko rin mag-ganyan sa araw ng pasko hahaha seeing those pictures also, nakakamiss tuloy ang magkaron ng isang grandmader or grandpader. whenever i see elderly nag gagather, laging nasa utak ko ang naiwan na pangarap ng mama ko, gustong gusto niya ang magkaron ng home for the aged dito sa city namin kaso she died. eto ako ngayon, nag-aral ulit, following her steps, baka sakali one day, i can push through her dream. kaso lang talaga, mahina ang loob ko sa mga lola at lolo, madali akong maiyak kahit ang tapang2x kong tingnan.

  14. Awwww you make the grannies really happy... :)
    God bless you even more sis

  15. Hi,Joy-my sister will take over my blog as of now, I will read your blog when i'm done running errands- currently using my phone and were so sad we have to put down our cat and we're heading in our cottage to buried his body.Have a Merry Christmas and thank you so much for visiting my blog.

  16. Really heart warming smiles from the elderly - shows they had fun because of your celebration :)

    Ang sexy sexy mo naman Ms Joy! Ibang level, pang awards night :)

    Advance Merry Christmas! A few days to go :)

    1. Thanks Zaizai. That was a five year old dress:)

  17. Hello Joy. You are the JOY of the Lord... God bless you and your family for giving these older ones, a happy time. It look wonderful!!! I Loved looking at all the pictures, it made me feel like I was there. xxxxx

  18. You look gorgeous ate Joy, you exudes beauty, elegant, and happiness!

    Thanks for joining last week's Color Connection, the linky is up for this week.
    Happy Holidays!

  19. Outfit pa lang nakaka-aliw na Joy - love it!
    What a wonderful heart you all have. The elderly are so blessed to have you.


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