Thursday, September 27, 2012

For a change!


One hectic day at work, my boss came to our department to suggest to me to go to nutrition course. I will represent my department. And of course I grab the opportunity. There will be representatives from other departments too.  Above to the right is Edna who is also a representantative from their depatment. And here we are riding a fast ferry boat  on the way to town.

We were 6 persons, but I can only show their backsides since they don't want to be published. 
It was a one kilometer walk from the bus station to the place where the course was going to be held.

When we arrived, they offered us to eat breakfast first. And we were so thankful coz we left home at 6 am in the morning.

And then here are the books and booklets for the course.

Now, time to listen to some lectures...long and interesting subjects.

But during the breaks I got the chance to visit an ongoing trade fair for great entertainment at the same building.

And here is a feast for the eyes and stomach!

Foods..... free to taste!

more delicacies......

Breads in all forms and flavors.....

Mouth watering cakes....

Pizza booth....
Fruits and vegetables department..... 

Frozen fruits......

Fresh fruits and vegetables!


                                Seafoods.....nam nam blue shells, crabs etc...


Different varieties of sushis and shrimps.....


                      and fishes in all favorite is in the middle!

                                                         Then, coffee time.....

And to enjoy our  coffee, we need cups and saucers...

And chairs.....

But now time for lunch..... and this is my free lunch from the course.

And my main course. I didn't take much coz I was already full.

Had to make place for my dessert:)

And this made my day! Strawberry coated with chocolate! 

                                   That is my not ordinary day.... for a change!

                                               Until next time friends.                                                           JOY

Monday, September 24, 2012

Party time!

Oh my! Week-end and it's paty time again. Maybe you will think that I am a party woman, but actually I love being at home everyday after work and week-end too. Too much thing to do and many blogs to visit. Hi Hi 
Anyway, A friend Camilla, called and invited me to her birthday party at her home, and of course I said I will come. It is nice to bond with friends!  I asked of course my hubby if I can leave him for a while, and he said that I can go. He is very kind.
So here  am! Ready for the party.

Here is Camilla, the birthday celebrant. A very hardworking woman who works in a Textile fabric and at the same time has a catering business. She is a mother of two boys.

  Of course her hubby and youngest son. The oldest was not around.

He is an artist and under is samples of his works!

Troll in wintertime!

Reflection of a woman!

This painting is not yet finish, but it is interesting until....

Until I saw the troll in the picture. I thought that he was holding an apple, but......

   Typical home of a Filipina abroad. We must have a product from our homecountry. Made of seashells.

                Anyway, the table was set, when we arrived.

                               Interesting chair, isn't it?

And flowers for the celebrant.

Roses in red

                                         Another variant! Beautiful

And one of the guests, Joy from Thailand brought with her plums from her garden. So sweet!

   But, no party without food. And since Camilla is an excellent cook, we just wanna eat!

And to make us more sweeter, her husband bought a cake for his wife that we are going to eat too! Hi Hi

This is a homemade carrot cake!

Favorite cake that someone had sliced a piece before I can take  a picture.

And also the cheese cake!

Anyway, here are the guests. Since the mother was busy entertaining the grown ups, her youngest son entertained them. 

The first and the second are His cousins!

But Angelica, although taller than him is his niece, since the girl's mother is his cousin. Funny!

But now, he is tired, so he just want to be with his nanny:)

                                                       More pictures: 
        Mother and daughter : Joy from Thailand.

 Jessa, the celebrant niece with her daughter! They really look alike.

And the celebrant's sister, Nelda

With other beautiful guests.....

Vivian, Christy and Ophelia

Cynthia and me!

Me again with Cristina:)

But before leaving, group picture is a must! One of the guest from Romania left earlier, so she was not in the picture, but we were happy that she came too:)

And here we are with the birthday celebrant!

Bye for now again. Good night!


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