Thursday, September 27, 2012

For a change!


One hectic day at work, my boss came to our department to suggest to me to go to nutrition course. I will represent my department. And of course I grab the opportunity. There will be representatives from other departments too.  Above to the right is Edna who is also a representantative from their depatment. And here we are riding a fast ferry boat  on the way to town.

We were 6 persons, but I can only show their backsides since they don't want to be published. 
It was a one kilometer walk from the bus station to the place where the course was going to be held.

When we arrived, they offered us to eat breakfast first. And we were so thankful coz we left home at 6 am in the morning.

And then here are the books and booklets for the course.

Now, time to listen to some lectures...long and interesting subjects.

But during the breaks I got the chance to visit an ongoing trade fair for great entertainment at the same building.

And here is a feast for the eyes and stomach!

Foods..... free to taste!

more delicacies......

Breads in all forms and flavors.....

Mouth watering cakes....

Pizza booth....
Fruits and vegetables department..... 

Frozen fruits......

Fresh fruits and vegetables!


                                Seafoods.....nam nam blue shells, crabs etc...


Different varieties of sushis and shrimps.....


                      and fishes in all favorite is in the middle!

                                                         Then, coffee time.....

And to enjoy our  coffee, we need cups and saucers...

And chairs.....

But now time for lunch..... and this is my free lunch from the course.

And my main course. I didn't take much coz I was already full.

Had to make place for my dessert:)

And this made my day! Strawberry coated with chocolate! 

                                   That is my not ordinary day.... for a change!

                                               Until next time friends.                                                           JOY


  1. wow are all the food in here free... it's like a feast... my tummy would jumped for joy if i were there hehehehe

  2. ang daming food!...katakam ang mga cakes :)

    1. Oo nga pink line, la lang place ang tyan ko eh. Busog na busog:)

  3. wow, winner ang post na to, nagcrave tuloy ako.. btw, bør du spørre om det er lov å ta bilde eller? dito kasi daming pwedeng kuhanan din but hesitant akong kumuha ng pics hehe.

  4. Thanks gracie, du aner ikke, men hver gang jeg ska ta bildet, måtte jeg spørre:) jeg fikk lov:)

  5. Food Galore! Parang gusto ko iuwi lahat ng breads at pastries! hehe!

  6. Me din Anney. Bigat lang mag bitbit. hi hi

  7. What an interesting opportunity for you to be sent on this course.

  8. How ironic they would have all these tempting foods in the same building as your nutrition course! I don't think I would have had the will power :)

  9. Wow, that was quite a display of good food and of course the desserts were awesome. I am afraid I have gained weight just looking at the desserets alone. What a fun outing for work to take a nutrition course. I am sure you learned a lot. Just a very fun day!

    1. I visit you back and tried to leave a commment in twitterings, but failed. It was just for the members. Anyway, thanks for visiting Leann

  10. Weeeeee! Yummy. Wow there is a lot of food! Blessings to you Joy!

  11. Oh, that food looks good! My very favorites are the fabulous desserts, and the seafood!

  12. gratis! sana may ganyan din dito.

  13. Bare såÅ mye lekkert!
    Ha en lekker fredda' og!

    1. Ja, det er mye lekkert hans. Ha en fin helg da:)

  14. What a beautiful banquet; delicious feast! What a wonderful opportunity for you and others to enjoy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Great! you've chosen to attend the seminar and I'm sure you learn new things, so yummy,JOy, I am drooling ;)

  16. Such a wonderful opportunity that was given you. All the pictures of the food made my mouth water. But you know what I like the best, are the breads, the coffee, and the coffee mugs!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you too for mentioning me in your anniversary blog post, Joy. What an honor. COngratulations on your first year of blogging. You have such an interesting blog. I enjoy visiting here and looking at your pictures and reading your stories.


  17. wow, food trip itech! nagutom ulit ako, love the cakes, mukhang masarap esp the chocolate one with nuts or rice crispies(?), lobster/seafoods too! hays, ginutom ako ms Joy... ;)

  18. My goodness, that is so impressive. I can't eat too much different foods together otherwise I throw up. A good thing I suppose because this would make anyone have eyes bigger than their stomaches. An, I like the photo of you on the right without the fringe the best..Much love sent. xx

  19. grbe po at food tasting lang yunha .. dito yan mahal na yan ...

  20. So much food! And for free?! All the cakes and pastries look super yummy :) Now I'm hungry :)

  21. I'm speechless after seeing those food. If you can only hear what my stomach is saying right now. It says...YUMMY! God bless you!


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