Sunday, June 30, 2013

Don't you love me?

Don't you love me?

Therefore, let those who suffer….commit their souls…in doing 
good, as to a faithful Creator. 1 Peter 4:19

A handicapped girl with leg braces became discouraged with her condition and wished she could quit her physical therapy. One day when her father insisted that she continue, she fell into his arms and asked, “Daddy, don’t you love me just the way I am?” Knowing how she felt, he hugged her and replied, “Yes, honey, I love you the way you are. But I love you too much to let you stay that way.”

If you are like me, then you would probably asked God, our Father the same question.

Don’t you love me?
Why I have pain all over my body?
Why I am always getting hurt?
Why I am not beautiful as others are?
Why didn’t you give me a nice voice so that I could sing beautifully?
Why terrible things happened to me?
Why my prayers are not getting answered?

Maybe you are asking:
Why I can’t find the right man/ woman?
Why I can’t find  a job that suits me?
Why are you not helping me? I am poor, needy and helpless?
Why I am sick?
There are so many whys and then we ask God, “ Don’t you love me?”

What if God asks us the same question to us?
Don’t you love me?
Why are you not obeying my words?
Why are you not helping the needy?
Why are you not appreciating my gifts to you?
Why are you so unfaithful?
Why do you cheat, lie, talk behind others back and hurt them?
Why can’t you trust me?
And the list I believe will be endless concerning how we are in the first place.

Luckily, God loves us just the way we are – imperfections and all. He loves us even though we struggle with sin. He has forgiven and accepted us because we received Jesus Christ as our Savior. But He loves us so much to let us remain as we are.
The Lord wants to help us, in our struggle with sin and through our sufferings. He desires to develop our character so that we became more like Christ. Sometimes it hurts, but it is necessary to be the one he called us to be. Called to conquer and victorious. With him by our side; who can be against us?

So as we face life difficulties, remember that God loves us. He wants us to use the test and trials we are experiencing to make us better persons. We must keep that truth in mind. Commit ourselves to the Lord and continue doing good.

God’s love accepts us as we are,
Yet always seeks our highest good;
His love may let us feel the pain,
Though it may not be understood. D.J.D

So, I say instead “ Thank you Lord for loving us.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Climbing the mountain!

A repost from Joy's Life. which I  ant to share to my followers here.

At last, after many years in Norway, me and my hubby climbed this mountain to see the famous" Pelkusstein"

Pelkussteinen is clearly visible from the county road 231.  Flat terrain at first, steep with boulders on the final leg.

Pelkussteinen is a large rock located in Rusasetfjellet, and it is named after the farmer Pelkus from Opphaug who  fled here. The legend says that Pelkus killed his neighbor after a prolonged dispute and disagreement. He was put under arrest in AustrĂ„ttborgen, but managed to escape one winter night, and fled towards the huge boulder, before he fled over to Sweden.

Come along and I will show you the way:)  

These flowers decorated the path

But every forest is hiding something like these:

An old abandoned hut......


 Good thing that I was not alone....

Hope you won't  give up. We are getting nearer...

Just a few boulders away....

Don't forget to enjoy the trail....

Reminds me of something.....

Closer shot...

it is like  a faucet.....what are you thinking?

I thought it was a snake....

 A heart to see here too!

more flowers up here

And now, we reached the destination. Nice view

Here is Pelkussteinen.  Stien mean stone in English. The hiding place.

Under the rock where Pelkus had hidden.

I don't think this is a place for me....

Maybe, if I just can remove this big rock...

Well, it was too heavy, better to take some rest....

and enjoy the scenery

Saying goodbye with this picure taken after descending down the mountain. It is colder here


Thursday, June 27, 2013

My sweet owl and more!

Yes, I say sweet because she is sweet in my eyes. I fell in love with this owl when I got a chance to visit an activity center in another nursing home. And the woman who knitted this thing is almost blind. So I bought it. I thought if the woman who is almost blind can do it, then I can do it too. The owl was knitted from left over yarns. So here she is. Isn't she adorable?

Then when I came back to work, I haven't got the time to knit one, but I found knitted pieces which someone knitted before. The I sewed them together, crocheted the eyes and the wings. So here is my owl.

My sweet owl has now a partner. I have more knitted pieces and will try to sew them together afterwards and make a variety of owls. These will be sold in the activity center where I work. The profit goes to the elderly.

This one is a teddy bear I made for an elderly!

I have crocheted pot holders too. Here is an orange and white pot holder

blue and white

brown and yellow

round pot holder

A few cards I made lately

Thought for the day
The greatest action you that you can take in any situation is to go to your knees and ask God for help. John Mason

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