Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bonding with family!

Hello everyone! 
Hope you are all doing fine. Here in Norway, the temperature is becoming warmer and the grass greener everyday. Flowers begins to bloom and that makes the days more colorful.

My heart rejoices too because my husband came home yesterday from onbord the ship. We had just been together for just one day in three months, so his homecoming was very much appreciated.
Anyway, it is really good to bond with family. If you had read my last post, you know that my younger sister had just gone to be with the Lord. Well, after  the day of my younger sister's funeral, we decided to get together at my older sister's house.
The weather was just fine that day.

The kids wanted to see the chickens that my older sister and her husband have. They have  a little poultry house for some chickens.

It was very fun to watch them!

Anyway, my older sister prepared much food for us.

 According to google translate, these are crayfish. It was caught from the sea nearby and was very good.

with potato salad

potato chips, vegetable salad, grilled corn, chicken and sausages

In the picture is the eldest daughter of my deceased sister, her husband and their youngest son.

Another niece and my youngest daughter

 Oldest grandson of my deceased sister.

After dinner , the younger ones played yahtzee.

At the end we just have to freeze the moment that we were together, but the kids wouldnt' sit properly.

They just wanted to play

We had a good laugh with it!

 Beautiful sunset at the end!

Leaving you words to ponder and a prayer!

Do you need comfort today?

 Are you weighed down with the cares of this life- lonely, 

discouraged, and dispondent? 


 When we have nothing left but God, we find that God is 


Even though trouble arise, great leaders fall, precious loved

 ones die, and all human helps and comfort fail,

God is not dead. 

He is always with us.

* Our loving God is always near,

Forever by our side:

He'll bring us comfort in our fear

And peace that will abide.- Sper

# Daily bread


Thank You Oh God that with You in us, we can fight with 

courage all the days of our lives. 

You promise to be with us who believes.

You said that You will never leave us or forsake us. 

With You in our lives, we can be courageous.

 Help us then Lord to carefully obey You and stay focus to 


 Let Your words be our guide.

 Meditating on it day and night and follow Your leading. 

Thank You that You prospers us as we obey.

 We don't need anymore to be afraid or discouraged, 

for You are with us wherever we go. Amen


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A memorable goodbye!

Hello everyone. I had been absent for a while in blogworld because of my younger sister's burial.

She was cremated. It was her wish and here is the urn with her ashes.

It was a hard blow for everyone of us, but we had to say goodbye.

Her two younger daughters last picture with her.

My youngest daughter with me!

A cousin and another sister of mine

It was hard for her love to say goodbye too. Lighting a candle for her.

My sister's daughters while they tell their memories with their mother. Made us all cry!

The priest made the ceremony beautiful

Goodbye my beautiful sister. You are now singing with the angels in heaven.

Tried to smile in the midst of pain

 The memorial

My sister's love recalled his nice memories with her.

A couple sang some songs which they sung together with my sister while she was alive. Really touched our hearts!

Although it was a very painful event, but still it was a nice way to say goodbye to our dear sister.

It will take sometime for us to accept that she is already gone, but it is good to know that we are going to meet her again in day!

Ending this post with words to ponder and a prayer

Bear one another's burden!

Who would want to carry another's burden when we already 

have our buckets full?

 I for instance feels that I don't have more strength left to do


But God reminds me that yes, I can bear other's burdens 

but just that I could bring those burdens to Him in prayer.

 He is the one who provides for the answer. 

What a relief! 


 Father God, I thank You for the love that You put in our 

hearts so that we can show that we care for others too in

 words and in deeds.

 Your love gives us great joy and encouragement. 

Thank You that You give us fully understanding of what we

 have in You.

 Thank You that in Your words, we can refresh our souls 

whenever we need it.

 Thank You for You love to fellowship with us. 

We can come to You at any moment and You listens. 

My heart rejoices in you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A beautiful day( part two)

Hello my friends. It's Tuesday again and still I am not finish yet sharing my Sunday post. 
Anyway, this is the continuation of my last post where me and my friends went for a hike. After hiking to the mountain..not so high though, we proceeded to another place.  We walked ca. 3 kilometers to the seaside.

The sun wouldn't shine all the time, but we didn't mind. We had fun anyway.

Foggy on top of the mountain.

My two friends had not been to this place, so they were excited!

So, pictures should be taken...again

Well, this creature wanted to be out in the sun too!

Sun rays between the trees

This was the way to the seaside

We crossed this bridge first 

At last we arrived in our destination. There were other people there too.

The name of the place

The other group that was there had a little sweet dog. I asked if I can take a  picture of her and publish it later. Her name is Kenya

And she smiled at the camera.

Come friends and enjoy the view!

Bye for now!

Ending this post with a qoute and a prayer

    Music's power
    There is a music from above
    That takes away our tears;
    It is God's melody of love-
    It quiets all our fears .DJD

    What a privilege it is to store Your Word Oh God in our hearts to keep us from sinning against You....and to be a storehouse of inspired words that the Spirit can bring to our  minds to help others. May Your word always refresh, nourish us and teach us as we read and meditate it with a listening heart. Amen
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