Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Prayer for you and me:

Dear and the days forward...let us walk with You. 
Walk with Thine Holy Spirit so that we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. 
Let us love the understanding and pray for those that are in darkness and for us too to stay in the light.
 Let Your joy be seen in us in the midst of trouble. 
Saturate our souls with peace that comforts our hearts. 
Let us endure long suffering because it is all worth it. 
Let us show kindness and goodness to everyone although not all of them does. 
Be faithful like You are. 
Be gentle in all our ways. 
I pray that You take control of our lives. Be happy for those that have success and pray for those that are in need. 

I pray in Jesus name.

Leaving you this thought

A must read book! 
Too much to read nowadays... me. Yes, many books can inform, but only the Bible can transforms.
" The bible is God's words to us ,
Still fresh through all the ages;

And if we read it we will find
God's wisdom in all ages. - Sper


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Meekness and majesty!

 Meekness and majesty

 I remember when I was a child and  lived in a farm, my feet was alwasy dirty. Like others children do, I play in the ground, walked in the grass and just loved being barefoot. But I really did not like having my feet dirty. There was a creek nearby where I lived and I used  to wash my feet there. I loved to be there and   feels the fresh cold water running through my feet. 
I think that no one really likes playing the dirt in the long run and be filthy. We all like the feeling of being clean. Washing our own feet is one thing, but washing other's feet is another thing and I don't think it is the kind of task that we normally do for others. And it is not also  the other way around. I don't like others to wash the dirt out of my feet either. How about you?

I read in John 13:1-17 about Jesus way of showing meekness by washing His disciples feet. Among the disciples was Judas whom He knows gonna betrayed Him, but still He washed His feet. What an amazing act of meekness. He the Majestic One washed the dirty feets of the His disciples!  Do you think we can do that?

 Dear Jesus, I know that we can never do all the good things that You did, but thank You for being an example for us to follow. 
Help us everyday to serve others in every little ways we can.

 Not to serve evil, but conquer evil with love and humility. I pray that we will remain humble no matter what. It is not we, but You be seen in us.

Leaving you this words I felt God whispered to me in one my difficult moments. Maybe it is for you too.

Word from God:

Arise and go forward...

There will be a desert...detour...storm to battle....but keep going, trusting, worshipping. Strength will be given along the journey. 
Be guided by my words. You might not understand everything, but in due time, answers will come. Don't give up when persecution comes. Remember, a fruitful tree get stoned. But it sustains the hunger of those who eat and a haven for those who need rest. 
Thank You Father!

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