Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Luneta Park: Philippines

This place is very memorable for me. Back in the eighties, it was the only park, as far as I know that was located  in the middle of Manila city. It was a place where a family can have their picnics, where lovers meets and where friends strolled and have fun. And after so many years, nothing has changed. It is still a place where one can spend week ends or weekdays  for free. Open 24 hours a day.

And because it is a popular place to visit, especially for foreigners, I took my husband, youngest daughter and mother -in-law to this place. We were accompanied by my eldest daughter. It feels safe to have her around, especially when I have foreigners with me. :)

Bonding day for my eldest daughter and my youngest daughter. Here in front of Rizal monument. The older brother and the other sister were at work.

Located along Manila Bay, Luneta has been the site of some of the most significant moments in Philippine history. The execution of pacifist Dr. José Rizal on December 30, 1896, sparked the fire of the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish colonizers, elevating the martyr as the national hero of the country

With smiles on their faces!

It was a happy and precious moment for these two, who didn't had the chance to grow up together.

My mother -in-law does not like to be published. He he

My husband was busy video taking. He had a very nice experience with a beggar who sat in a wheelchair. Felt sorry for the fellow. But later ,we saw the same beggar walking . My husband was shocked. I told him that they do everything to earn money and that is life in the Philippines. Lessoned learned! Do not judge the book by it's cover! he he

Ended the day by talking almost whole the night. They had so much to talk about! Childhood days and their mother. 


  1. same with me, my in-laws doesn't want to published in my blog, so I respect their privacy, that's why I don't post photos of our family in my blog. Good thing they had a good time in Philippines and doesn't complain about the traffic.

  2. yes. they did. My mother-in-law regret na sumama sya sa pinas. but itwas one in a liftime expereince for her. Now, she knows that I don't exagerate pag sinabi ko na we need the whole to shop in the Philipnes. hi hi

  3. I'm glad that your daughters were able to have a sisterly bonding here. I hope that you and your family enjoyed your vacation in the Philippines. :) Sometimes people can be so creative just to earn money like what your husband experienced! Schemes like that makes me confused because there are times that I don't know if people begging are really sick or just acting. :(

  4. I was happy too to see them together Karla. Hope there will be more next time. About that unpleasant experience for my husband, there was lesson to be learned. Anyway, it was not easy to be poor either. so I understad them that they do everything to earn money.

  5. love sisters. i have 2, i'm the ATE. Luneta brings back memories of my childhood as well.

  6. Very nice Guy...consider your self lucky to have two lovely daugther..and them having a wonderful mother.


  7. wow... good to bring back good memories.. wish i have a copy of those pics while they're here


  8. because of this post... I remember my father... madalas kami pumunta sa park para mamasyal noon.... ^_^

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