Friday, March 16, 2012

Ironing the wrinkles!

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Ironing clothes! It is a task that I do once  a week,  although it was not necessary.  I don't like wearing un-ironed clothes. He. he. But here in Norway, it is not a priority for the people.

Anyway, I was ironing the clothes one day, and when I saw how the wrinkles disappeared and the surface became smooth, something  just puffed up in my mind that this piece of clothing was just like my life.


My body and soul were wrinkled from the heartaches, sufferings, shame and sin that has been a part of my life ever since I was born.  I did not have any confidence, I was pitying myself for my fate, hating people who mistreated me, bittered of God whom I thought does not love me.  

This was how I looked  like 25 years ago  when my life was just a mess and miserable!


But, one day everything changed!  My older sister invited me to a place where God's love being preached and  people who worships God gathered. Then my life suddenly turned around. I felt that the burdens from my shoulder has been lifted up, my heart suddenly been filled with such gratefulness for God who was  just really waiting for me to surrender my life unto Him. So that He can transforms me, build my life and change my circumstances. For the first time in my life, I really felt His presence. My  knees were shakened and tears flowed from my eyes.  Not tears because of sorrow, but tears of joy. Coz that time, I discovered  the source of life, peace, love and blessings. I found out that God loves me and He can  forgive all my sins and make my life worth living.

And now  thirthy years later, God had really changed me into a person He created me to be. Joyful, just like my name, blessed so I can be a blessing,  forgiving just like he has forgiven me and sharing God's love, like He had showed me His love through all the years. He had been faithful to supply all my needs, back me up when I needed support, lifted me up when I was down, given me hope when everything was hopeless and litted a light for me when I was sorrounded with darkness. He really was and is an amazing God. For me, life without God, is no life at all!

And this is how I look now, 25 years later!

What about you? Have you found what you  are looking for in life? Wanna share it with me? God can iron the wrinkles in your life too! He did it for me:)

" Thought for the day" 
Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul" Douglas Mac Arthur

So don't give up. God is not giving us up :) 



  1. what an inspiring story! God really has his amazing ways. Thank for writing and sharing to us such an inspiring story.

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Thanks for your commment " Spanish Pinay". Nakapag painit ng puso. But really, I was crying when I wrote this post, kasi I realized how wonderful God is and how He worked in my life through all the years. Thanks for keeping in touch:)

  3. Faith in God and a lot of prayers really are the best therapy I believe, and that works for you and many people. I'm going 30 but i don't feel old yet but physically I turned to be matured-looking and lines across my forehead begins to appear. But sometimes I can't help asking how many times must I "iron" to vanish my worries and pains away?


Thanks for dropping by and your comments are very well appreciated. It is like a cold glass water in a warm sunny day! Blessings.

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