Sunday, March 11, 2012

Philadelphia cheese cake!

I have been so blessed in the past few days of my life, and now  it is about time to bless others too!

So I tried to make this Philadelphia chesse cake ( picture above) to served to our " food for the soul" meeting this Sunday. I said made, coz I did not bake the  cake in the oven.

Again, I got the recipe from my daughter's cooking book " Smaken av Fosen" which she was a co-author.

                                                                     The ingredients:

For the layer: 
110 g butter
250 g digestive biscuits


I pack lemon gele
( reduced the water in half)
250 g philadelphia cheese
110 powdered sugar
I ts vanilla sugar
1/4 liter light sour cream
1/4 liter whipping cream


                                                  I  crumbled the  biscuits with the rolling pin

and mixed with the melted butter.

Then I put the mixture in the baking pan and flattened it with a wooden spoon. Set aside until it was cold.

Then  the topping:

I mixed the gele powder with boiling  water and set it aside  to be cooled down.

Whipped the cream

Then I added the rest of the ingredients.

I poured the topping over the layer.

The cake, before I put it in the refrigerator. It will be ready to served when the cake hardens. Then I will decorate with grated lemon peel afterwards.

                                               It will look like this on the picture. I hope so!

                                                            "Thought for the day"
                          Freely you have recieve... freely give! That was Jesus words:)



  1. uubusin ang recipe sa book. for sale na ba yan?

    1. Well, the books were sold and it was only a school project and they were not sure if they are going to make copies again. they have to think about it. Marami ngang nagtatanong eh.
      BUt I do will try many of the recipes there. he he.

  2. awww, I love cheesecake! I do tried this many times using a different but very similar recipe :) wow, I bet you're really proud of your daughter being a co-author of a recipe book.

    Nasa dugo pala talaga ang hilig at galing sa pagluluto, diba, Michi? :)

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Yes, Spanish Pinay, I am very proud of each and everyone of them. I am sure that you feel the same with your adorable daughter. First time ko pa lang i try ang cheese cake na eto, so I hope it taste good:)

  4. I've tried my first cheesecake, it was a semi-success but i wasn't satisfied since i want it thicker. I've lost my recipe list, so then on di nako nagtry ulit after ng second attempt ko na bumagsak hahaha. I think i'll try this recipe of your po. I'm loving your blog, thumbs up ate joy!

  5. Thanks Gracie:) you made my day:)and good luck with the cheese cake:)


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