Thursday, March 29, 2012

God whispers........


I was about to take a shower one day when I heard God whisper something in my ear. " I can wash you clean with my words" What? You don't mean to say that I can use your words as soap and water to make me clean? "Soap and water can make you clean outside, but not inside. My words can clean even the deepest area of your soul." And He reminded me of this verse:

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's eyes. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrew: 4-12-13

Wow! It means that God's words is sharper than the wok knives of the chinese people!

Is that what they call to be online with God 24/7?

Like this lightning, it just struck anywhere it wants to.  I can hear His promtings in most unthinkable places, like in the bathroom! Now, I have something to think about while I am taking a shower. I began to mull over how this shampoo makes my hair clean, how balsam can change my hair into a soft to touch hair and how soap and scrub make my body clean. And sure enough, when I am done, I will be feeling good and smelling nice. Ready to face the world.  Really?
And then a thought comes into my mind ... is it  enough to face the world looking clean outside, but not inside? And I am sure you will agree with me that the answer is no! Because no matter how we hide what we feel inside and how we really are, it will show by how we behave and from the looks on our faces. And probably, our eyes will expose us.
Well, if God can make me clean inside with his words, then I should take his words  like shampoo, balsam, soap, scrub and water to make me clean inside.

So now I have to grab my bible to know how:)

                                        And God leadeth me to this verse:  ( Isaiah 18-19)

 Isn't it exciting to talk to God our creator? To reason together with Him? Not to be condemed, but to be made white as snow and to be like wool. Have you seen how white the snow in the picture? How about that? We don't need bleaching agent to be clean. We only need God and His words.
But He said something that we can be like wool! And how it is to be like wool? What are the characterestic of the wool?

                                                 I searched and I found these:
* Wool has the capability to keep the body  at even temperature because it does not trap heat. This means that in hot weather it keeps the animal (or you) cool and in cold weather it keeps them (or you) warm.

Think of that! As a wool, we can keep ourselves from being affected negatively by the inviroment. We are protected.

*Wool clothing does not cling to the skin.
This allows for air circulation next to your skin and is part of the insulation properties and comfort of wearing wool.

Means comfort to me! 

*Readily absorbs water and can also release it.

The ability to give and receive.

*Naturally fire resistant meaning it does not readily burn. 

As a wool persons we can be resistant from the fiery darts of the enemy. Not easily tempted.

*Strands of wool are crimped . Has the ability to stretch and then return to it's natural length.  

For me it means that although we can be stretched beyond we can bear,  we can be renewed again.

* Wool is very strong and durable partly due to it's felting feature. The fibers are strong and will hold together through much twisting and turning, much like a lock of hair. This feature is what creates such long lasting garment.

Like wool, the more we get twisted and turned, the more we get stronger. Then we can be persons who does not give up no matter what!

What a revelation from God's words. Think about that!

God's words can make not only me but you too clean and white as snow and like a wool: protective, comfortable, can both give and take, resistant, stronger and durable. Who would not want to be like that? 

That is why I love God's words. Never ending wisdom:)

How about you!  Do you hear God whisper?


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  1. Great reflection, Joy. Blessed are the people who knows how to listen to God's Words.

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Thanks Spanish Pinay. Blessed your heart:)

  3. Love your reflection Joy , that's why you are Blessed. God Words is powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Welcome Mhie. You are a blessing for me too! Every comment warms my heart. Bless you:)

  5. Thanks for the insight about wool! Yes, I want to be like that.
    Your moment in the shower reminds me of the times I get up in the morning and pray, Lord, as I fix up my outside(makeup, hairdo, dress, etc.), please clean and fix me up inside so I can reflect you today.
    We are so blessed to know a God who loves us and speaks to us.

  6. What an interesting post. Wool is a wonderful thing and I enjoyed finding out more about it. I also think your pictures are fantastic. Even more fantastic is your being alert to what God wants to tell you.
    I fixed the link. There was an extra space and that was what was preventing it from working.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hello there...
    This is my first visit. I love the lightning photo! You are not alone, the Lord speak to me in the bathroom a lot! probably cause I love to read devotionals there...sort of my "quiet place". His voice can be a whisper or so loud, but what matters is we acknowledge hearing him, which you do so delightfully. I enjoy your conversation with the Lord. About wool, very interesting, although the thought of wool during our hot, humid FL summer keeping me "cool" is something I cannot wrap my mind around at all. Love the beautiful snow scene. Blessings.

  8. There is so much power in His words.
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. My sons also feel sorry for a mom who believes in a God that doesn't exist. It is heartbreaking. But we have to keep praying and trusting...even when it feels like our prayers are going keep raising our palm branches.
    Blessings to you.
    PS I have an On Your Heart Tuesday blog hop and would love to have you link up.

  9. Great insight, about wool, Joy! I like meditating on God's words, and also reading other blogs about it. Indeed it is a never ending source of wisdom like you said! Patsy from

  10. Hi joy. You've brought me joy.
    I love Jesus. I love to hear his whispers. I love your insight. Thank you for sharing it.
    I found your blog on the rose shawl by Louise Fitzpatrick. I also love knitting. I don't normally read the comments but I think the holy spirit led me to you. I look forward to reading your blog with the lover of our soul who loves it when his people delight in hearing him whisper.


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