Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flowers that touched my heart!

Why are these yellow roses touched the very core of my heart? Well, it comes from a dear old lady , a neighbor who has not been out of her house for years.

She asked my husband to buy  flowers for me on my birthday. Actually, I don't have any contact with her, but my husband used to bring her magazines that I had read. And she had already a cellar full of magazines, coz she was keeping all of them all these years.

I remember when I gave birth to my youngest daughter, and it was 18 years ago, she came to visit us and gave us flowers from her garden. Her husband was a gardener and they had a beautiful garden then, with different kinds of flowering plants, until he passed away. 

 Alhough these flowers did not come from her garden, but they are precious to me, coz it comes from the desire of her heart to make me happy on my 50th birthday. She said that flowers say more than words. And she was right. It was love shown without words!
 Someone had said "  All the love that history knows is said to be in every rose". 



  1. I got lump in my throat reading. I don't know why I get too emotional these days... must be hormones going bizarre again. That is very sweet of your neighbor and the flowers are so lovely! The yellow color is just perfect!

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Thanks Spanish pinay for dropping by and truly ako rin naiiyak nong sinulat ko to. I remember her husband who cultivated flowers plants when he was alive. then bili na lang kami para itanim sa mga paso ko. but now he is gone, and now there is no one to tend the garden. life can be very unfair sometimes:(

  2. Flowers really make a big impact in our lives; and yes, it tells how great love is!

  3. ito ba yung neighbor mo sa left side?

  4. Yes. You Remember their beatiiful garden before? Now la na nag care. So Puro damo na lang


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