Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cassava cake!

Been busy these last few days. Actually, all my days are quite full. Lot's of things to do, to create, to think, to write and so on. 
Anyway I tried making cassava cake, coz I was really missing my mom's cassava cake.

The ingredients: sugar, condensed milk, butter, eggs, cheese, coconut milk, ( fresh milk was not in the picture) and grated casssava.

Then after combining all the needed ingredients, I put the batter in the pan and baked in the oven for one hour.

Then  after one hour, I poured over the topping ( coconut milk,sugar, condensed milk, flour, cheese, egg) over the Cassava cake. And I put the cake back in the oven

I should be watching the cake until it turned golden brown, but suddenly my mother-in -law came for a visit. Then I almost forgot the cassave cake in the oven.

So the result! 

It should be  looking like this cake under.

cassava cake
Got the Recipe from: http:// and you can visit their website for more complete details. Maybe you will be luckier than me:)

But anyway, I tasted my Cassava cake  and it was delicious. So my effort was not wasted anyway. 

  My homemade clown can tell  my  thought for the day:



  1. try ko yan. kakaiba at may topping. =)

  2. oo. try mo. masarap talaga yan:)

  3. i'm basically following Mr. Medrano's(panlasangpinoy) recipe of cassava cake too. Nam nam! Mine with macapuno toppings.


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