Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An unforgettable New Year's Eve!

Life is full of suprises and we never know what would happen in every moment of our lives. 
New Year's Eve, everything went smoothly earlier that day.The sky was in a good humor and enchanced the color of winterland.   

I had taken these pictures after I had been to a shop, who already had an ongoing sale. Fifthy percent discount for all Christmas decorations. There were lots of people there although Christmas is already over. I went there to see if I can find something to take with me to the Philippines since I will be there at the end of January. 

I am always fascinated by heaven and I couldn't resist taking pictures everytime I see different formations up there. Luckily, mobil phones has camera in it, so I go.

Did you noticed that sky pictures are awesome. Heaven is changing it's colors all the time. New every morning just like God's love.

So, for the rest of my unforgettable New Year's Eve. I arrived home at at one o'clock pm. The turkey was already in the oven. Credit to my hubby.
It was a six kilos turkey and was more than enough for four of us, but my husband couldn't find smaller. Maybe we have to eat turkey for the rest of the week:)

While I wait for the food, I finished crotheting this wool slippers that should be done before Christmas as a gift to someone, but.....time's dilemma...
At last, I made it before New Year's Eve:)


This turkey was done at four pm...very early to eat, but.....we were all hungry.

My daughter came home too at the same time, after her work at the nearby mall. She was still wearing her uniform, and I still haven't change for the occasion and so  my hubby, who had done all the cooking. My mother-in -law came and she was the only one who was dressed for the occasion.

I made waldorf salad, set the table and we ate and finished the meal with ice cream as dessert.

After eating, our daughter dissappeared to prepare herself to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends. My mother-in-law went home after taking a cup of coffee.

Well, there was no use of freshing up. I put on my comfy attire 
( jogging pants and t'shirt) lay down on the couch and began reading " English Grammar for dummies". I hope it could help me to write the year 2014. After half an hour, I got tired of reading and concentrate myself in watching films on tv with my hubby.....waiting for midnight because this lady had plans to take pictures when the sky exposes different light formations......but....
Half hour before midnight, my stomach ache so much that I did the waiting for fireworks in the toilet. Just didn't know why I had nausea. I was not pregnant.. being already a grandmother and I wasn't even drinking alcohol. There was no problem with the food either. I saw stars, not in the sky, but in my head. Tears...dripp...dripp like a flood, not because I was happy, but because of pain. Thanks God for pain reliever that reduced the pain. While my husband watch the fireworks in heaven and kept nugging me to take pictures....I wandered to the fireworks...just peace and serenity. My unforgettable " New Year's Eve!

Beginning this year with this prayer:
New Year
Jesus, let us continue this year to hear your melodious voice and to feel the warmth of your embrace.
 Be filled with your heart's desires. Thank you for leading us to the narrow path where we can just concentate on you and not to the wide roads where we can get lost.
Let us instead savor the beauty of your holiness:)

Thank you for giving us a meaningful life and
 help us to seize every opportunity to spread life around us. For your glory and honor. Amen


  1. Mommy Joy!!! Happy New Year po ^_^ *hugs*

    Too bad you weren't able to witness the fireworks on New Year's eve but I'm glad, you're out of pain na. Kasi nagawa nyo nang magpost ng entry today hehe :D

    Ang ganda talagang maging subject ng "Clouds and Sky" sa photography.

    And ang sarap po ng New Year's eve dinner nyo :))

  2. Happy New Year din Fiel- Kun. Yes, I am feeling better now. Ready to start the year 2014.
    Oo nga Fiel Kun. Masarap mag luto si hubby:)
    How's was your New Year's Eve?

    1. Naging maayos at masaya din po ang pagsalubong namin sa New Year dito :)) more foods for Medya Noche and less paputok.. or should I say, no paputok at all hehe.

      Nanood na lng kami ng fireworks showdown ng aming mga kapitbahay nung 12 midnight ng January 1. Kina-career lagi ng mga neighbors namen ang fireworks display every year lol

      Healthy New Year po!

  3. Ms. Joy, will you be in Manila for the PBO outreach? Asking muna, then it's one more good excuse to visit Manila on a weekend. Awesome colours. Hope you are ok. Happy New Year!

  4. I will be in Laguna that weekend. It is my dream na makasama sa outreach, but still not sure kasi di ko alam kung makakuha ako ng mag drive sa akin to Antipolo. Darating ako ng friday at midnight sa Laguna, then birthday ng apo ko saturday at mag celebrate kami ss isang resort na malapit. day tour lang. Sunday yata ang outreach, so I do really hope na makapunta ako:)

    1. Are you coming Jonathan? Hope so:)
      Happy New Year!

    2. I will be in Manila tomorrow but I am excited to learn that you will be the Philippines in February that's why I asked. Maybe I could fly also to meet you during the outreach, just planning.

    3. That is nice Jonathan. I really hope ma we can meet:)

  5. Happy New Year to you! I love your ( Gods) heavens. They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Same to you Jedidja:)
      Thanks for liking my sky pictures:)

  6. Happy New Year Joy .... may the good Lord continue to pour out His blessings upon you and your family .... God bless us all in this year 2014 ... hmmmm you're going to Antipolo pala huh ... taga Antipolo me he he he .. wala lang !

    1. Same to you Edgar. Sana nga makapunta ako sa outreach and mameet din kita:)

  7. I do now Michelle. Thanks and Happy New Year to you:)

  8. Happy New Year ^^ Tita ^^ sarap naman ng mga foods.... ^^ sure ako more foods sa buong year ng 2014.....

    Enjoy always... ^_^ HUgs ^^

  9. Happy New year too Jon.
    Thanks for visiting:)

  10. Happy New Year, Ate Joy. I hope you are feeling better. Ang sarap ng food ninyo.

  11. Happy new year to you and your family!

  12. Mommy joy! I miss u po. Hehe Happy new year to u and to ur family!

  13. Happy New year too Adam, McGuffy Ann and archieviner:)

  14. Good to hear you're okay na mommy joy. Happy new year! Pangpost cards.mga pics mo... yummy naman ng food!

  15. happy 2014 po. :) didn't know you can take good photos of the sky & clouds, galing.

  16. Happy 2014! Photos are absolutely beautiful! I love your prayer, also~ Many blessings!

  17. happy new year ate joy! I know god will continue to
    bless yo abundantly this year!

  18. Is that your cakes are always spectacular! Nice photos, nice cakes ... wonderful!

    cheese board & salad bowl


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