Sunday, April 28, 2013

Unforgettable moments!

It is more than a month ago since I left my homecountry, again. I spent three weeks vacation there. I'm so happy tough that I had  with me nice memories with my family there, to cherish. Touching moments.

Many years ago I left my homecountry to work to Norway. To support my children so that they can acquire an education. And they graduated from elemtary, to high school and college without me being there for them, except when my second daugther graduated in college. And many years had gone by and I now have 6 grandchildren, which is 5 of them  goes to school and had many graduations and recognition that I missed. But last March, for the first time I was able to attend the Recognition day and Graduation Day of my four grandchildren.

First Graduation day I attended was Zyrish graduation from kindergarten. I was of course invited and she asked me if I can be with her at the stage when she recieved her medals. She got three medals.

Her parents was very proud of her and grandma too. The first medal.

And the second medal with grandma. Zyrish was not smiling anymore. She was already exhausted with the long program. And it was really hot that day!

Many years ago, I was present at  her mother's Graduation day in Kindregarten too. She was the Valedictorian.

Me and my daughter Chelsea.

Anyway the day after: Zimon and Candice Recognition day.

Zimon got one medal. His parents were surprise because although he is a bright boy, he just couldn't sit still in class. But, we were happy for him too:)

And this was Zimon and Zyrish mother and me two years before I went to Norway.

 I was on stage too, together with Candice, my second grandchild and my daughter-in-law. Candice received three medals too like Zyrish. Very talented girls. 

And the best part was to be able to attend Jan Andrie's Graduation  Day in Elementary School.  My oldest grandson. He graduated one year younger than his classmates. He too has lot of talents. He had won many awards in many fields during his elementary years. Drawing, singing, declamation and art contests.

                                            His trophies in different fields.


But what touched me most was when he led the graduates in their farewell song. His voice was so clear, strong and beautiful.

and when he gave me a rose.

 I didn't graduated elemetary school when I was in the Philippines,
( I studied and finished every level up to college when I came to Norway ) and I didn't witness his father's graduation too. Thanks God,  I manage to  attend my oldest grandson's graduation.  And it was first time for me to witness such an event. It was very precious and unforgettable moment.

Me and my one and only son Brian, my Cinderella man.

And here we are, many years ago, before I left to work abroad and missed many important moments in their lives. 

What made me sad though was that I was not able to attend Ethan's moving up at his school. He is my fifth grandson. It was also Jan Andrei's Graduation Day. 

        Anyway, I was able to attend his mother's Graduation day in Nursery School....

                                                   ... and in College.
Ariel, Michelle's  husband now, Chelsea, my first daughter and me.

Being away from my children in the Philippines most of the time makes these moments unforgettable for me.  It brings joy, tears and sadness at the same time. But we made it through the years and we are going to make it in the coming years by the help of God.

 More happy memories to come:)



  1. kitang-kita ang fashion noon at ngayon. na sayo pala yang mga picture namin nung bata.

  2. mommy joy ang swerte ng mga anak at apo mo sa iyo. at ang tatalino ha! may pinagmanahan :)

  3. Salamat bino. I am very lucky having them too:)

  4. I know it was a tough decision to leave your children and work so they could get a good education. I am happy you were able to be at some of their recognition days. Everyone needs to be recognized, and you must get a gold star in addition to the rose!

    1. thanks Hazel. Yes it was very tough, but thnaks God for all the help.

  5. Buti may copy ka ng mga pics... so nice to remember those times.

  6. noon at ngayon, sexy mo pa rin ate Joy. congrats sa mga apo mo, ang tatalino! at congrats sa 'yo for raising your children well, kaya naman ganon din ang ginagawa nila sa mga apo mo ngayon. Congrats po. :)

    1. Salamat Talingaw. Nakataba ng puso ang komento mo:)

  7. di ko nakita sa feeds ko to ahh, hmm anyway
    nakak proud naman ang mga chikiting at nakakaaliw
    un old pics! at ang fashionista nu talaga ate joy

    1. Oo nga mecoy. May problema ko sa blog ko. Di lumalabas ang bagong updates. Dont know why:(

  8. First congratulations ate Joy, you have such smart grand kids. I like the combination of present and old photos. Looks like you had a fab time when you went here because you were able to spend it with your family.

    1. Thanks marjorie. I really had fun with them:)

  9. Joy, umuwi ka pala dito sa Pilipinas, next time, if God will allow, I would like to meet you face to face. Anyway, I am often in Manila, so it is possible that we can have a lunch date and take our picture together. This post really made me teary eyed as I read it, and saw the pictures of you and your young children whose growing up years you missed because you wanted to provide them with a good education. I have been reading many of your stories, and I really admire your determination and hard work.

    Congratulations to all your grandchildren... your children... and of course, to you!


    1. Thanks Lidia. With God's help we managed:)
      Yes, i hope we can meet one day Lidia.

  10. Beautiful photos, Joy. You are so lucky to have beautiful and smart kids and grandchildren.

  11. Ay sigh! Naku, sorry, Joy, I was here earlier and made a comment using an iPad mini. Hindi naman pala nga pumasok ang mga comments ko. Anyway, I said I will catch up later, and here I am now. :-)

    These are truly wonderful moments. It is nice that you were there for both your children and grandchildren's special events. You have been wonderfully blessed. You are a rich woman indeed. :-)

  12. NAiiyak ako sa kwento mo. Ang Inay ko, nagpunta sa Kuwait noong teenager pa lang ako. Bumalik lang sia sa Pilipinas permanently noong malapit na akong umalis papuntang Amerika.

  13. nakaktuwa ang mga picture na naitabi sa baul,takenote dpa xa nakkapagabroad uso na ang stockings sau ha ha ha,tuloy nung nakpag abroad ka,puro labas na ang hita ng mga picture mo weeeeeeeee,nbaliktad eh,pro nakkatuwa nakakinggit,sumatital haba talaga ng inggit ko,he he ,,bkit ba idol nmn kita,kso ako ata ung negative sign laht positive cnalo mo
    hayyyyyyyyyy sana makarating din ako sa huli na my magandang kwento din ang buhay ko.......kahit wala pinpilit na meron pa rin meron meronnnnn maramaing meron AMEN


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