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22th and 23th entry to LTGC and Perfect Pitch Award!

The 22th entry is from Tabitha Joy

Her blog is about her passions and joys like: baking, books, children's mimistry, her walk with Jesus, crafts and brilliant illustrators

My letter to God

O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.”

O come, let us sing of His might and power! He who has the deepest places and the highest mountains in His hands. He who speaks and it is. He who is infinite in wisdom, almighty in power. He who knows everything. He who never permits anything to happen if He doesn’t want it. O come, let us sing of His might and power!

That great and mighty God is interested in me, one small individual here on earth. Not just interested, but interested in everything  I do, think, am.

My heavenly Father knows me, through and through. He knows what I’m going to say, what I’m thinking. He knows my past, my present, my future. He knows my worries, my sorrows, my pain. He knows what makes me glad. He knows more of me than I know myself. He cares for me, He hears my every cry and answers me. He knows what is best for me. He knows me, He made me.

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”

And  for the 23th entry


His words:
Iisa lang naman ang layunin niya kung bakit siya nagsusulat yun ay para maging inspirasyon sa nakararami para maging mas mabuting tao , at para matuto sila sa mga kamaliang nagawa ko at mga gagawin ko pa lang. (alam ko madami pa yun). Pangarap din ni bagotilyo na maging isang superhero at magkaroon ng super powers para iligtas ang mga naapi , gapiin ang mga decepticons , talunin si lord voldemort , puksain ang   magnanakaw  (ng kaban ng bayan) , hanapin ang mga snatchers , tulungan ang mga mahihirap , itulak sa bangin ang mga rapist , itawid ang matandang nahihirapang tumawid , at bigyan nang limpak limpak na salapi ang mga kidnapers para tumigil na sila ——– at doon magsisimula ang aking pangarap na ”world peace”

Dear Lord

I was lost….

I am trapped in a place where I see nothing but darkness
The undisturbed silence gives way to hear the fearful beat of my heart
I took a few dubious steps in search of hope and truth
The steps turned into walk, walk turned into journey
I didn’t know where to go, then there came You and lit my path
Lord, I did not find You; You found me

I was unworthy…

I live in a world where wrong is forced to be right
And breeding the egg of evil seems to be the favorite hobby of man
At a certain point I became one of them, unconsciously…. or maybe consciously
I’m sorry for disappointing You, I was unfaithful and careless
The love You gave, the forgiveness You’ve made
Lord, I did not deserve any of it but You gave it to me wholeheartedly

I was hopeless…

In the abyss of my solitude, I feel so alone
Trials just keep on coming like heavy rain on rainy days
I want to run, and think that escape is the only solution I got on hand
I was in despair when a shaft of light coming from the sun touched my face
Suddenly a rainbow appeared, beautifully painted on the sky
Lord, You provided a rainbow after the rain; a reason in each problem I overcame

I am loved….

When I think of the cross, I think of my weakness
The sins I committed were unimaginable, likewise, unforgivable
But instead of judging me, You offer your hand to yank me up
I looked at it and see the nail-pierced hole, blood gushing out from it
I turned my sight into my hands and see the hammer on the right, nails on the left
Lord, the cross reminds me of my weakness, but moreover, it reminds of your undying love

I am favored…

Every day I wake up and fail to see that life itself is a miracle
Sometimes I was so busy earning a living that I forget how to live
I chased the wrong things and overlooked what is really important in life
Today , let me just express my gratitude to You , to You who always provide
Thank you for your unlimited patience and overflowing blessings
Lord, I really don’t know what did I do to be loved by You

I am victorious….

My life has so many ups and downs, twists and turns
I’ve been through bad times and placed in life’s edges
I managed to surpass them all not because I am strong
But because my God is strong… and loving…. and caring
Whenever I achieved something or reached a new milestone in my life
Lord, I know you are there smiling like a proud father

You are the busiest being I’ve ever known
So, I need to end this letter before it turns out to be a novel
Neither did I play with the words I’ve used here nor rhyme everything
For simplicity never fails me to express the deepest emotions I have
I believe that it’s not the words but the pureness of my heart that reaches Yours
Lord, this letter is my prayer, this letter is my life written only for You

P.S. I Love You

Your Son,
Moises John

Thanks Tabitha Joy and Moises John for these heartwarming letters to God!

And the second part of this  entry:)

Just thanking these two adorable guys who had given me this award although I don't know much about music:)

Fiel-kun's thoughts

Zaizai moonchild:

Maestro's rules:

1) Please use the same title and include as well the picture above in your post.

2) Don’t forget to link Maestro Sinto-Sintonado's blog to your post.

3) Give the award to 7 other bloggers you love and let them know you gave them this award.

4) Answer the questions below:

Ang mga katanungan ni Maestro:

1) What is your own definition of music?

Music for me is a sound that makes one dance, to be happy, to be healed emotionally, to make one travel places  and to feel in love.

2) Ano ano ang mga genre ng musika ang pinakikinggan mo?

I like love songs,  Christian songs that brings my soul to the higher ground.

3) Kung ikaw ay isang awit, anong awit ka at bakit?

Well, I can't remember any lyrics right now, pero kung ako ay isang awit, gusto ko na ang makikinig sa akin ay ma inspire.

4)  Kung may musical instrument kang gusto mong maging bihasa, ito ay ang.....

Gitara. I bought one and tried to learn how to play it, but now it is just hanging on the wall.

5) Baduy ba para sa iyo ang mga kantang OPM (Original Pinoy Music) considering na isa kang Pinoy?

Depende sa kanta. Marami namang magagandang OPM. Iba pa rin ang napapakingan sa sariling wika. 

6) Kung may isang stanza ng kanta na magsasabi ng tunay na nararamdaman mo ngayon, ano ang stanza na iyon, saang kanta galing at bakit?

It will be
 " Jesus take the wheel"

Jesus take the wheel
Take it from my hands
Cause I can't do this on my own

by Carrie Underwood

That is what I want to happen in my life. Jesus driving my life and I am just sitting beside him:)

I am  tagging everyone who loves music and would love to give an answer to Maestros questions.



  1. nice ng song na yan ate joy jesus takes the wheel! at totoo naman talaga iba ang epekto ng gospel songs!

    anyways dame ng entry ahh! nice one lalo na kay bagotilyo

    1. Thanks Mecoy. Kakatuwa nga mga entry. Gagaling nyo talaga:) Inspired by God.

  2. Ang gagaling ng mga entries! ako wala pa!

    Successful ang pakontes na to Ms Joy, a tribute to God.

    1. OO nga Mar Unplog. Last day na tomorrow. Sana humabol ka pa:)

      Yes, it is for God's glory talaga:)

  3. wow ganda ng poem ni bagotiyo... pansin ko lang di lumalabas ang mga entries ni Ms joy sa feeds ko.. ano kaya nagyari?

    nice song Ms joy.i love it

  4. Oo nga no. Pansin ko din may problema blog ko since nagbago ako ng email address.

  5. Wow, ang gagaling talaga ng mga participants mo Mommy Joy :))

    and thanks much po sa response nyo sa Perfect Pitch Award ni Rix. Gusto ko din po yang Jesus Takes the Wheel. It's simply inspiring!

    Glitch po yata ng GFC/blogspot tong hindi pag appear ng update nyo sa mga blog feeds namin >.<

    1. Di ko nga alam kung pano ma repair eh. May idea ka ba fiel-kun?

  6. ..yet again another beautiful entries Ms. Joy... i enjoyed reading 'em... and loved that song by Carrie Underwood... you've picked the part i was honestly moved away the most... smiles...

  7. Thank you mommy joy for this contest.. :))

    Napakanta ako dun sa part ni carrie underwood ...

    Godbless.. ^^

    All glory to HIM.

    1. Welcome bagotilyo and thanks for joining:)

  8. Ang galing naman nitong post na ito. It really speaks to my heart, the letters written in such a sincere way. It is my first time to come across such a blog award. It is quite unique and interesting. Thanks for sharing, Joy.


    1. Thanks Lidia. It was an idea inspired by God:)

  9. para sa akin panalo lahat sila na sumali...

    1. Oo nga arvin. Good luck to the judge:)

  10. thank you sa pag answer sa tag award Mommy Joy! Never too late baka pwede mo pang gamitin ang naka display na guitar :)

    ang daming magagandang entries! good luck talaga sa judge, baka mahirapan :)

  11. Don't worry Zaizai, gigitarahin kita. hi hi

    Oo nga. mahirapan talaga ang judge. For me ay lahat kayo winners. Kung mayaman lang ako lahat ng participants binigyan ko na ng prize. hi hi

  12. Ganda ng mga entries. good luck sa lahat..


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