Sunday, June 29, 2014


A dream come true for me. I had been longing to visit this place and my husband brought me there. He made me a very happy woman.

 This place is known to be one of Norway's best place to catch  salmon with the fishing hook.  

So here is the happy lady who got her dream fulfilled. 

The river where the people can  try to catch the poor salmons:)

the falls

The stairs for the salmons to jump upwards to hatch their eggs


watch post maybe?

more pictures

It was overcast when we were there, so the pictures are not so clear.

Still, it is beautilful. Don't you agree?



  1. Of course Ms. Joy I agree with you .. watching salmons completing their journey from rivers to sea is a wonderful experience I am sure : )

  2. Ganda nya kaso lang grabe yung current ahaha ang lakas...

  3. parang nakakatakot po yung ragasa ng tubig, pero maganda pa rin naman po ang lugar, at hindi pa po ako nakakakita ng salmon na buhay at lumalangoy-langoy pa hehe :)

  4. Joy, what a gorgeous place! I could sit there for a long time enjoying the waterfalls and listening to the soothing sound.

  5. It looks so beautiful. And there's nothing better than freshly caught Norwegian salmon!

  6. Parang scary naman magfishing dyan at baka maanod ako. hehehe!

  7. Yes--this is beautiful--congrats on getting to go here!

  8. I so happy you were able to go. I could hear the water...I think I could smell it, too! Nothing is more relaxing to me than being by water. I'd love to see the salmon. I ate some Saturday night--my favorite! ~Pamela

  9. Hi There, We are home from a trip to the gorgeous West VA mountains --where we celebrated our anniversary... I'll be blogging about this time for awhile --since it was so special.

    What a fantastic place you all visited... I'd love seeing that WATERFALL --and all of the water, including the Salmon.... Beautiful Joy... Glad your hubby took you there.


  10. Really sweet of your hubby to take you there Ms Joy. It really is a nice place, I think I could hear the water crashing :)

    Prinactice ko kung paano i-pronounce ang name ng lugar, di ko mapronounce e hehe :)

  11. that's a beautiful place
    I heard a lot of the Norway's salmon
    I will make a wish to visit there too one day :)

  12. Very beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to go and enjoy this!

  13. Fabulous photos, can see why you would want to visit again and again

    my new blog is

  14. Very beautiful but it also looks very cold!

  15. ang hirap namn e prounnce ng lugar hahaha! ang sweet lang ng jowa mo mommy::)

  16. Nice blog,, i'm very enjoyed to visit this site. have a nice day :D

  17. All looking superb - great photographs.

    Grace be with you.


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