Tuesday, June 10, 2014

See the positive things in life!

Hi friends! I have been posting positive things lately because a friend tagged me to do so:)
So , here are the things that I find positive in my life.

Flowers around me

flowers from my garden

sunshine, sunrise and sunset 

being able to bake muffins

picnic with my friend

in a nice place

How about you?

Would you want to join writing positive things in your life lately?



  1. I love all your flowers photo ate Joy are those all your plant they are beautiful. I have Tulips and Red Roses in our yard i spend most of my afternoon staring on it he he...

  2. Your blog is one of those that I consider positive that's why I always come back :)

  3. Thinking always positively is a good thing. You can face any difficulties easily. Wonderful blossoms!

  4. Jeg for si som deg, ja takk jeg tar alt he he.
    SÃ¥ flotte blomster, kaker og bilder Joy, ha en fin sommerdag.

  5. Beyond positive, Joy! Wow you are surrounded by loveliness! And those muffins, I was hoping you would bite into one and show the inside!!!!

  6. How very lovely and cheerful.


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