Thursday, June 5, 2014

The dusk and the dawn!

Do you like the dusk?
I like it because of the beautiful horizon and it made me relax.
This picture was taken before midnight here in Norway. The land of the midnight sun!

The day after, I was going to another town to attend a course, so I got up early.  What a wonderful morning to witness the dawn. So, I couldn't resist to take pictures.
These pictures  were taken 5 o'clock in the morning. 

Bird was awake too!..
Sun about to shine..

These pictures were taken along the road on the way to the Fallstad Senter, where the course would be held.

Water reflections!

Foggy along the road

I spotted a moose who  was awake too early in the mornig.

How about you? Do you like the dusk or the dawn?

Ending this post with this qoute!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Joy!!! And I love and agree with the quote. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely morning in Norway Mommy Joy! Ganda talaga dyan, feeling ko napaka fresh ng hangin! :)

  3. I like most the breaking of dawn for an early sunshine treat ... nice feeling of waking up in the morning : )

  4. Ang ganda po talaga ng Sky line nyo jan sa Norway, Mommy Joy :)
    Kaso parang laging malamig ang paligid hehe.

  5. I am more of a night person but I love dawn more because I love the smell of morning and I think it's lovelier. You are in a beautiful place Mami Joy, you are so lucky.

  6. I love the quotation on the last photo - that is so true.

  7. fantastic pictures! y'know taking photos of nature gives a calming and relaxing effects. it's in some way a therapy <3

  8. Fabulous shots.

  9. They are beautiful photos.... (the little moose looks a little thin).... Diane


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