Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Editing one's life!

Serious? Can we actually edit our lives?  This thought came into my mind while I was cleaning the toilet. Of all the places, I could use to ponder things, but I couldn’t help it. Maybe, what was I doing was so boring that it caused my mind to wonder and to ponder. Hope I made my toilet clean by the way.

Anyway, I love taking pictures. Motives that I find everywhere. In nature and with people. So, I just couldn’t leave the house without my camera. It is now a part of my life. That is why it is good to have a cellphone. My cellphone has camera  and internet connection and a downloaded bible in it.  And it has a cover with pockets where I put my licence and bank cards. So with this gadget that I take wherever I go, I am equipped with what I needed most of the time. And I believe I am not the only one who can’t live without a cellphone. In fact, it is unnatural nowadays to be without this gadget. Do you agree with me?

But, taking pictures is just half the work or just the beginning of the work. After I downloaded my pictures in my computer, then there will be lots of editing to be done. And it really takes time cutting areas that makes the pictures ugly, putting together pictures that match together, making a picture brighter or darker. It depends of what kind of message I want these pictures to produce to the media. Sometimes the results really made me happy. And when others liked those pictures, all the works of editing does not count anymore.  Although I just aim and shoot and don’t know anything about photography. The results were not bad after all. Although I wish I could read the manual of my dslr camera but I couldn’t find time to study these instructions.

Maybe you are thinking, is there any connection with  editing pictures like editing one’s life?

Can we cut those people that are influencing us negatively like friends, co-workers or family?
Can we put together people who doesn’t want to be together?
Can we make our or other’s lives brighter or darker?

Well, it is more easy to edit pictures actually than with our own lives. For example, you cannot edit or remove your co-worker , who has a negative influence on you, maybe taking advantages of your kindness, or just a lazy one and always complaining about everything.  And then you might think that if she/he is just in your computer, you might hit the delete button so that you won’t be irritated by this person anymore. But of course, it is an impossible task. And when it comes of putting people together, I have problem with this, coz some of my friends are not in good terms with each other and it is always a problem to invite them all to celebrate an occasion.

How about family members that are not acting the way they ought to be in our own criteria? Can we edit them? Of course not. They have their own lives and what is right for us can be wrong for them and vice versa.  What about if someone dear to us get sick? Can we just remove the sickness so that this person would not suffer anymore? That we could not do either.
And then the last question : Can we make our lives brighter or darker?
Here we can really do a lot. Although we cannot edit or control things that are happening around us and we cannot control people, but we can control ourselves. How we should re- act with other’s bad behaviors, what to say, how to behave in facing difficulties in life. We can act positively and not copy other’s abusive behaviors. I addition, we can let other’s decide for their own lives and just put everything unto the hands of God  and just pray for them. If we do that, then we will remove the burdens on our shoulders and we can go on with our lives and make the best out of everything. Be the one who influence others positively.

God said: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him and he shall make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3: 5-6

We are the author of our lives, but we must let God and his words do the editing.



  1. Great post, Joy, and lovely photos...and you look great in the first photo! We can only change ourselves and our expectations, we cannot change others. Sometimes it is good to distance ourselves from overly negative people, but even better if we can realize that people who are this negative are usually very unhappy. We can pray for them.

  2. Nice! Ate.. so proud and happy for you.

  3. You are so cute, and talented.

  4. Perfectly said Ms. Joy ... very inspiring ang post mo na ito : )

  5. I guess we can 'edit' our lives simply by how we decide and choose to live it... I've always said that life is all about being positive --and about one's ATTITUDE.... BUT---we cannot edit anyone else's life.. They have to do that on their own--and all by themselves....


  6. Well written. One of the principles that I use "surround yourself with happy people" It makes a lot of difference.

  7. Så vakre bilder Joy og så flink du er til å skrive.
    Ha en fin sommerdag, klem fra Marit.

  8. I like you new page mommy joy. Ang lamig sa mata ☺

  9. Lovely shots! Much easier to edit photos than life.

  10. Yes, I agree with your statement , God can handle our life better :)

  11. I enjoyed your thoughts on editing - and of course we cannot edit people out of our life in many circumstances, such as family and work etc. But the thought made me smile. We can edit our attitudes and be sweet even when it is difficult - and also forgive those who push our buttons! Have a great week end Joy!

  12. I liked this Joy....your thoughts on editing ourselves and also your pictures.

  13. ha ha ha nice question, Joy. It would be easy if we can edit the unpleasant things and people out of our life. We can't. However, we can edit our perceptions. :-)

    BAkit kaya naglolok o ang link mo sa blogroll ko? Siguro, may mali sa blogaddress. hmmm

  14. May mga bagay na hindi na natin ma edit sa ating buhay, matutuo na lang tayo wag paapekto sa kanila. Yung mga pwede pa nating i edit, by all means, i edit natin :) Ganda ng thoughts mo while cleaning the toilet Mommy Joy :) God bless you more! :)

  15. Leave it to the One who is expert!
    Grace be with you.

  16. Napaisip po ako ng blogpost na ito...
    Minsan napakarami po nating gustong idagdag o alisin sa ating buhay, na nakalilimutan natin na maaaring may purpose ang lahat.


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