Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Date with my husband!

How are you all doing my friends? 
Yes, the weekend went fast. Now you see it, now you don't. Back to work again and soon it will be weekend one more time.  Anyway, last weekend my hubby invited me to dinner to a place Hasselvika. A more than hour drive from hour place. Since he was the driver, I had chance to take pictures all the way. 

So hope you enjoy the ride too and the pictures!

cows on the meadow

Dog walk

This is an Ice skating stadium

water everywhere...but cold...cold water

the view is priceless

a horse enjoying his meal

 colorful grass

flowers along the road

more water: sea water and lakes

But when I saw this waterfall along the road,  I asked my husband to stop the car. Just wanted to witness the beauty of nature a little longer...

fanstastic, isn't it?

Well, after a dozen more shots, we arrived to our destination, longing to eat,  but to our dismay, the restaurant was close. They changed their opening days. 

Anyway,  a selfie picture from this beautiful place.

Then we didn't have any choice but to find a new place to eat. After a 15 minutes drive, we found Venecia Pizza and grill who serves Thai food. We were so hungry, so we were so happy to find a place to eat.

There were some people who where there before us, so I just took a picture of this corner.

Typical Thai figures

Finally, our dinner: Thai Thai Mix. Tasted really good!

Well, I have a dozen more pictures to share, but bye for now.  Hope you enjoy the ride with us,



  1. The company is worth the trip. And that lovely place you see on the road, too. Nothing is lost. :-)

  2. that is one cool waterfall

  3. Kaloka naman, sayang pagdrive sarado naman. Buti may makakainan pa.

  4. That is a wonderful date, Joy....gorgeous views.

  5. Beautiful views along the way Ms. Joy ... ganda talaga ng Norway eh

  6. Beautiful view as always, you are so close from nature. Here, I usually need to travel far just to enjoy this kind of view.

  7. I enjoyed this tour. Beautiful scenes and the lovely date. I'm glad to hear you found another Thai restaurant. I like Thai's noodle.
    Have a nice day!

  8. sweet... na miss ko ang makipagdate lolz

  9. Thanks for taking us along! I love to go along.

  10. I enjoyed everything, as if im actually in the place.. ganda ng lugar ... and the food look s delicious *u*

  11. Wow, what a date! So romantic and beautiful. (It refreshed me!!!)

  12. Really a beautiful place and its worth visiting. Just like a paradise we can imagin. Hope you enjoyed the date.


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