Tuesday, August 18, 2020



Hello, hello to you! Is it still summer in your place? Here the sun is up with its most beautiful smile and then we smiled back. Heard it before "smile and the whole world smiles back at you."
But today I'm going to talk about snow ... even though it's not winter yet. I mean "Snøhetta" where my husband and I have been the last time we were in Dovrefjell. Just had to see it regardless of whether our feet were already tired after having already walked over 7 kilometers early in the morning that day. Could not postpone the hike due to rain being reported the next day.
We were going to Viewpoint Snøhetta.


Here my husband was with others at the starting point. It is 1500 meters up to the viewpoint. There were no musk to see or any living animals around.

On the way there, a number of stone slabs to tell visitors the history of the Dovre mountain over the last 10,000 years.

Up we go ..

And finally we came to the lookout post with others.

Have you been here? If so, it's worth a visit :)
Ends with today's words and prayer:

Dear God, there are so many many lights flashing in this world and we are tempted by both. Light from TV, PC, and mobile screen. And not to mention lights at parties at night. The light of the world. It captures and tempts us.
Help each of us to find the true light that comes from You. And walk in Your light for it never goes out. So that You can cleanse us from all sin. I pray this prayer for me and everyone I love. Amen

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