Monday, August 17, 2020

Oslo with our daughter

Yes, it was a long time since our daughter has moved to Oslo and she had also moved from the first apartment to now the second before we had time to visit. She has a life and we have it too and it is therefore not easy to meet often. But this time we finally got the opportunity to visit her.
She shares this apartment with a friend so that the rent becomes affordable.
It is very nice apartment. She lives on the fourth floor and if you go up to the top floor, you see Oslo city.

A small park and Fagerborg church next door.
"Yes, now you really see how it looks like here with me and not just in pictures," she said. "It was nice here," we said
Our daughter went for a walk with us to show us the surroundings where she lives.
We did not go to the center or the castle because we have seen it before and we the oldies could not go any further.


Uranienborg church

It was a nice time with her.
We felt at home. Took afternoon rest before heading out for dinner. It's always good to be together as a family. We are :)
Maybe we will not see each other again before Christmas.
Do you have a child or relative living in Oslo?
Or maybe you live there?
Today's tip: Fresh air is good! A daily walk of at least twenty minutes is good for both the skin and Health.

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