Thursday, November 24, 2011

The elevator!

I work in an activity center in a nursing home. This nursing home is connected to a consultation clinic, and a rehabilitation center. For many years ago, this building had kindergarten too. My youngest daughter went there and we had taken this elevetor many times before.
One day the weather was nice and I decided to take one resident of  this nursing home, who sit on a wheelchair for a walk. I am sure that fresh air and sunshine will make us feel better. Since he sits on a wheelchair, we need to take the elevator in order to go down to the first floor.  While we were at the elevator and talking, I thought that if only this elevator can hear us and talk, I am sure that it has many stories to tell. This elevator had carried people of all ages up and down. Young people, old people, sick people, well people, nurses, doctors, and people with different proffesion. People who were happy, laughing, crying, quarelling, complaining and so on. One day this elevetor will not exist anymore. It can be replaced by something better or be removed permanently.

As human , we hear a lot of talks everyday too. We hear people laugh, cry,  murmur, gossips, criticise, shout, whisper or praise us. And we can be affected by these talks either positive or negative. Coz unlike the elevator, we have feelings and we can talk and express ourselves.

God too hears a lot! In fact he hears everything. Not only what we say. He hears our thoughts too. He knows the deepest secrets of our hearts. But sometimes we  behave as if God does not hear us. We say words that are not worth saying. We think thoughts that are not worth thinking. And our hearts lust for things that we thought can make us happy, but in reality can destroy us. We thought that God does not care and we thought that He does not hear our prayers.


So don't doubt. He certainly hears every words that we say and He cares.



  1. nagpalit na rin ng background.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm a new follower na. hehehe! Daughter nyo pala si Michi! Nice to meet you and welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. thanks anney... nag enjoy ako magbasa ng blog mo and I'm excited to read the rest of your blogs. para na rin akong nag tour sa philippines. and I will try to be creative as you are too. biro lang! you are unique. God's gift to you. By the way, kaedad ka ba ni Michi?


Thanks for dropping by and your comments are very well appreciated. It is like a cold glass water in a warm sunny day! Blessings.

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