Saturday, November 5, 2011

The choice!

One day, it was very cold and I began to make a fire in our fireplace. Suddenly a word came into  mind! " You became what you eat". And I thought about it. Then I asked God if He is telling me something about it and what He meant by I became what I eat.

Well, in the last days I have been aware of what I'm eating. I had been to a doctor and he told me that it shows in my blood test that my cholesterol was high. High colesterol can cause heart desease so  he adviced me to avoid foods that contain too much fats. Not only that, I  also have to exercise regulary. Well, easy for him to say that to me, but for me it will not be easy to do it.

Everyday the media offers a lot of information of how to loss weight and  how to exercise. Of course it is good for the body if one is disciplined enough to follow the diet and exercise program. And not only that, we are tempted to buy things we actually can live without, do things that we should not be doing, eat all kinds of foods that we should not be eating. Say words that was not worth saying, think thoughts  that was not right thinking and so on. And it is not very easy to resist.

When I was a child I was constantly hungry because my parents could not afford to buy enough food for us. But now that I can buy and eat what I want, I can't do it either because it can damage my health. Strange life! But I'm not complaining. At least now I can choose what kind of food I'm going to eat and I can afford to buy it. And when I think that it is for my body's benefit, it became  easier for me to do it.

So it is with our christian life! God's words are life for us. But are we happy to read the bible everytime? Is it the first thing we seek in the morning? Do we hunger from his word everytime? Do we always want to pray? For me sometimes its wonderful, but sometimes not. There are other things that have to be done, work to do, and many times my mind wonders and keeps wondering. And maybe sometimes we began reading the bible, but after some minutes, we became tired or suddenly another thought will come into our minds and we begin to think about this thought that was not in line with God's words. But strange though bacause most of the time we don't feel tired when we read newspaper or magazines.  We turned the pages one after another to know whats happening, as if reading these articles makes us wiser than we are.We wanted to be updated.  Most  people love to read the newspaper first thing in the morning. They want to know if there is something new that occurred lately. And oftentimes  newspapers has articles about calamities, catastrophies, murder, robbery, rape, war and so on. And what kind of thoughts and feelings these bad news can give to a reader?  For me, I get depressed reading that kind of news. And not only that, one can buy magazines of every kind that awake ones interest. But in magazines, they also offers a lot of things that we should buy and make us believe that if we buy those things we will have a happy life. But are we happy after acquiring those things?

Everday we have to make a choice.  Like we have to choose if we want to:
 -eat the right foods or not
- say the right or unpleasant words
 -think right/positive or negative/ destructive thoughts
-to buy things or not
- be happy or be grunchy
- be nice or be bad
 -to give or to be greedy
- to help or not
- to be thankful or the opposite
-forgive or  holds a grudge
- to be faithful or unfaithful
- to be honest or lie etc.

We also have a choice to read Gods words or not! And the enemy will give us a thousand reason not to like:
-Have you not already read the whole bible?
-That the Bible is boring and difficult  to understand
- That the Bible is only for the priest
- that it is better to watch tv, play many kinds of games in facebooks, party with friends, or shop in the mall ( although it is not bad to do all these things if we put God first and we already feed ourselves with His words. Because Gods words is life for those who find it)

So it is our choice! To hear from the lies of the enemy or hear from God that never lies.
God said:


And if we really listen:
He speaks to us the way we can understand Him
He listens and is worth listening
He gives us wisdom if we ask
He communicate with us in every details of our lives.

We only need to stop, look and listen. Then we will experience that life with God is worth choosing!

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