Monday, October 31, 2011

God's Kingdom!

I was cleaning the house one day when suddenly a word came into my mind.  "Seek first God's kingdom"
"Oh, what in the world was that"?  Then I continued with what I was doing. And then I heard it  again.
 " Seek first Gods kindom". Then I asked: Was it you Lord? Are you talking to me?
Well, I know that words comes from the bible.
So I thought maybe God wanted to tell me something about it. Then I looked for my bible in the living room  and start turning the pages. I know I can find that verse in the new testament. And I was right.

Yes! It's in Mattew 6:33. I continue to read until verse 34: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Well, maybe this verse applies more for me).
Then I began reasoning with God. I asked: "Why are you telling me this? I already found you and your kingdom. What more do you want me to do"? Then I heard a voice inside me saying: Did you really find my kingdom?  I answered: " I believe so Lord".  Do you know everything about my kingdom? Do you really know me? But now, I could not say yes to God. Then God reminded me the time when I was about to travel to Norway.

Actually, I didn't know anything about Norway until my sister married a norwegian. She needed an aupair and that time I desparately needed a job. So the offer was heaven sent for me. But before I can go to Norway, I had to apply for a working visa. Then I had to  prepare a lot of necessary papers that the embassy needed from me in order to get a working permit.
Norway was a strange country for me back then. We did not have the internet and it was not easy to search an information about Norway. And most of the Filipino citizens  had only focused their eyes in America and not in Europe.
Then I asked again God what He meant about my travel to Norway. And he said that before I travel to Norway, I asked a lot of questions like:
How do  I get there?
What I must prepare?
 What kind of country is Norway?
What is the the language?
What kind of people are living there?
What kind of climate they have?
Do they welcome foriegners?
And then he told me that  when I arrived in Norway, I had to learn the language, the people, the culture, the climate, the laws and how to be integrated.
 And although  I  have been living in Norway for quite sometime  now, still there are a lot of things I did not know about Norway and I'm  still learning the language. the culture, laws, the people and still have not seen the whole country.
And he said that it is like seeking God's kingdom. I have to:
* Learn and understand more of Gods words. ( bible)
* Learn His way of doing things
* Learn His will
* Learn His laws and his kingdom
* Know how He function in my life and the lives of other people
*To be aware of His  creation
*To learn to know Him as my Father, saviour, friend, provider, healer and so on.

And He said that is why He wants me  to seek more of His kingdom because His kingdom is huge. And there is a lot more to learn about this vast Kingdom of His and I'm a part of it.  And the more I know Him and the more I  know how He operates, the more I  will understand Him. And if I do that, one day I will come to the stage where I will have peace in my heart no matter what is happening with my life, my family and  the world. Then I will not have to worry for what tomorrow will bring, coz He will be there. Then I can see others how He sees them and  can be merciful and forgiving like He is.

Then I thought that this God really loves me. He cares for me and my well being. He wants me to seek His kingdom and it's righteousness for my own good, not His. And this is His wish for everybody! For God's  love covers all:)

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