Sunday, January 4, 2015

Yes, it is winter...but

After raining for so many days, the snow came again today and it is white all over.
Well, I know that for some they love the snow and I must admit it is beautiful until my shoulders and hands are aching for shoveling the snow.
Anyway, here are the continution of the series pictures which I had taken last summer. lighten up mine and your's day!

Included words to ponder in between pictures!

Do you believe? Jesus has reisen...indeed!
Yes, we heard the story. ..countless times. But, do we believe? If He alive in our hearts?

 Do we love having Him around? Or do we feel awful having Him watching us in all we do? Knowing our thoughts and desires of our hearts?

Whatever the is for our benefits that Jesus has risen...because then we don't have to be afraid of the future. 

We only need to believe. Be cleansed and purified and enjoy the fellowship of God.

So today, O Jesus, remind us of all the good things You had done and that You will always be alived in our hearts in every moments of our time.

- Live as Christ died yesterday, arose this morning and is coming back tomorow. 

So be alive in Christ my friends.

Wishing you a day with full of love, colors and happiness.


  1. nice photos dear ;)

  2. nice photos and happy sunday

  3. Gorgeous photos, Joy! Captivating views.

  4. OMG! Lovely photos! Ganda, ganda! huhuhuhu nakakaiyak. If I can paint, I will paint this kind of view.


  5. Lovely photos Joy ... you never fail to amaze me : )

  6. Have a great 2015 ahead Mommy Joy! If possible, ang wish ko ay warmer weather dyan para syo hehe :)

    Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures - you're so lucky you get to see such beauty :)

  7. What amazing and lovely shots.

  8. Hi Joy! It's really cold and snow is on the ground today. Your photos brought me such peace though, it's great to see these amazing, still moments and know that God is the same today as he was on the day you took them.
    Happy New Year to you and yours, and may God bless us all abundantly in the opportunities that he will give us,


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