Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cards that touched my heart!

Yes. I know that Christmas is over, but I received these cards after Christmas and
these cards are the best gifts  I receive last Christmas. Words that warmed my heart and made me very happy. Words that made me missed my loved ones in the Philippines even more. But soon, I will be there to visit them.

This card is from my first daughter Chelsea

What she wrote made me cry, but I really appreciate all her efforts and love for me.

 And her children Zimon and Zyrish wrote some words to me where they thanked me for the Christmas gifts that I had given them and said that they will study hard because I am their example. I am really proud of them.  They also said that they love me and misses me. Well, the feeling is mutual!

And this card I received from Ethan, my fifth grandchild. He made this card and he also thanked me for the gifts and said that he loves me too. Made grandma very happy too.

Anyway, they thought me a lesson. Here I am making too many cards, but I didn't send any cards to them. Well, for the reason that I tried many times before and in one way or another, they didn't received the cards. Maybe, I can just give cards to  them when visit them in March:)

Just want to thank them for remembering their grandma and showing their love to me in their own lovable ways.



  1. Yes, you should give card to Ethan because he knows how to read na. :)

  2. Nakaka miss talaga ang ang cards lalo na yung may music tone he he

  3. Is this Ethan in the that picture, how cute child , you are lucky to have such loving grand

  4. What beautiful words on the card your daughter gave you, and how thoughtful of your grandchildren to send you handwritten notes. In this age of electronic cards, social media, and email, it is still so special to receive cards in the regular mail. So special!

  5. I can see why they touched your heart, Joy, they are wonderful.

  6. Hello Joy,

    Lovely cards, heart touching words and loving family.

    Best wishes to you and your family

  7. What lovely cards!

  8. Beautiful cards to treasure, Joy.
    I have some cards that I have received over the years that I have in a" keepsake box"
    Your grandchild is adorable( my little granddaughter Rose turns 3 today, I adore her!)


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