Saturday, January 3, 2015

Painting my day...and yours!

Hello eveyone!  Yes, it is weekend once again and here in my place, it is raining and I can hear almost  the wind  is telling me: " Go ahead, jus lay down in your bed and relax because I have a work to do today.
Anyway, although I wanted to, I have chores to be done. Home to clean, which I am thankful that I have. Piles of laundry to be washed, but I am thankful for I have lots of clothes to wear.

And because it is gray around me, I want to paint my day with pictures that I took last summer. Some of them, because I still have many to share as I mentioned in my last post. These pictures are the continuation of yesterday's post.

Hope you enjoy too! In between the pictures, I wrote words to ponder that I hope will make you more closer to our Creator. Creator of this beautiful nature.

To be continued..
Yes, New Year and new chapter in our lives. Our life stories continues until when and where? 

This life that we have is only the first chapter of our book of life. Whether it will be long or short, it is not the end, but to be continued. So I hope it will continue in heaven with the Lord. 

What will be the next chapter for you. .for me this year?

" Life's fleeting days will be over
When death ends all that's gone before;
Yet life in Christ continues still
 all who lived to do His will" - DJD

-Death is the last chapter of time, but the first chapter of eternity. 

But while we are still here on earth; God wants us explore and be fruitful. Live in faith.

 Endure whatever the situation might be. Enjoy the beauty that this life, the people and the nature has to offer with the right spirit and in right places.

 Receive the strength that God provides and walk the extra mile. 

Be faithful in everything we do although we don't see the outcome results with our own eyes. 

Embrace and confess God's promises. Seek God's heavenly country...for He prepared a place for us who believed.

 So friends, believe and continue the next chapter of your book of life above!
Have a bless day my friends!



  1. Ang ganda po ng mga larawan :)
    Ano kaya ang pakiramdam kapag nakita ko na yan ng mga sarili kong mata :)
    Amazing po talaga!

  2. Lovely pictures with amazing and thoughtful words. Thank's Joy for such a nice post :)

  3. Hello Joy, Happy new year.

    Lovely photos and fantastic thoughts.
    We are in this world for only a short time but God has given us a beautiful world to live provided we keep our eyes and ears open and appreciate everything around us with a positive outlook The life on this wonderful earth may appear to be long but when compared to our eternal life, this life is very short indeed. Here we have an opportunity to prepare for the next life with confidence and hope.

    To be thankful for the work we have in the house for cleaning and washing on a dull rainy day is a positive and cheerful way of looking at life. Many of us feel disheartened to do chores in the house.

    Wish you all the best.

  4. nice photos, I really like the color yellow on that house

  5. Gorgeous photos, Joy. You can paint my day anytime, thank you so much for sharing this beauty.

  6. The pictures are breath-taking and your sentiments beautiful... Diane


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