Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Are you listening?


Are you listening?
Do you have problem listening? I too, sometimes. For many reasons like: My mind wanders…thinking of other things that should be done…thinking that I already know what others are talking about or I am not interested in the topic….maybe because  the talker is saying foul languages…or because the dialect is difficult to understand, maybe talking about people I don’t even know. Many reasons not to be attentive of what others are saying.
Can you relate? Are you still there?

We are surrounded with sounds everywhere. Sounds that soothing for our ears or sounds that annoys us.  People who wanted to be heard or to be recognized. Facebook friends…twitter friends….blog friends…families…each and every one has this longing to be heard, including us.

But how about listening from God? The most important person in the universe. Our Creator who made everything for us. Who died for us.  Are you listening? I am listening?  Although we may admit, it or not…many times we prefer to hear from this world than to hear from God’s living word. We have many excuses like:  we had read the Bible many times and we already know the story…we don’t understand everything that was written in the book of life…it is so boring to read the Bible or maybe we just don’t believe that the Bible is the truth. Then we don’t tune our ears to God. But maybe some  don’t have problem listening to gossips…foul languages….green jokes….bad news….killings….rapes…sex talks……war, catastrophes and so on. Why is it that the evil language entices many than God’s language? So tragic!
Are you ok with this?

Actually the problem is not God or his book of life. The problem is we. Our reluctantness or willingness to listen and to dig the treasures that are hidden in God’s precious written words. Our hearts desires instead to go on it’s own way. Reading God’s words or spending time with God might interfere our heart’s desires that we choose not to listen. Then we make excuses that God is love anyway and that He will forgive us no matter what. We thought that life is great without God. Is that so?
How about you? Which way you want to go? Way to life or way to death?
Actually, if we take more time to listen to God and his words, we will discover that all what we need to know is there. It is the way to the truth and the life. The road to success, victory over evil and difficulties in life.

I am not saying that we must close our ears from this world or people that we meet every day and everywhere. But, if we had taken time to listen to God, we will have the wisdom to discern what profits us or not. God will give us understanding how we can protect us from the noise of this world. Our hearts desires will change and it will be filled with God’s perfect love that never fails. We will reach to mankind, to help, to contribute and to spread God’s unfailing love and not go down together with those who soak themselves in mud pit.  I am not judging…it is not my job. God loves everyone…but not everyone loves God.
So, are you still listening?

We want to be wise, isn’t it? Then we ought to listen to the one who gives wisdom. He has more than enough to give.

Father, let our ears be tune in to you and not the cares of this world. Fill our hearts with joy as we listen to you. Lift up our downcast souls and let us experience your heavenly presence so that we will not seek gratification from places that brings us to destruction. Thank you for always listening to the cry of our hearts and for knowing our thoughts. Fill our minds with your wisdom and our hearts with your desires so that we won’t bring disgrace to your name. I pray in Jesus name.


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  1. Great post, Joy. Sometimes it is hard to quiet down in the middle of the day's activities. But that is so when I need to hear Him! I prayed your prayer and meant every word!

  2. This is so true, Joy, the problem is us, not God.

  3. Hi Joy! Our gift of hearing needs to be used for God, not to be filled with things that are not of him. That is so true! My human self wants to listen to gossip, but my soul says 'no way!' I have to be quieter and listen to God. He will tell me what is good!
    Happy Tuesday :)

  4. I agree Mommy Joy, we really need to listen. Sometimes we ask why God doesn't seem to hear us, our prayers and all - but in fact, we weren't just listening.

    I find that I hear God more when I am at peace with myself, not necessarily at church but at a place where it is quiet and there is no distraction :)

  5. My Story site also has a post about listening - http://letmetelluastory.blogspot.com/ . You add many other thoughts which are so true. Sometimes there are words, and even music we don't want to hear, such as bad language and certain jokes you mention. In a world of which we are a part - - it is sometimes difficult to get out of the line of fire. Your truth is awesome, we must listen to God and obey what he is saying to us. Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us here at Tell me a Story.

  6. Guilty of this ... sometimes we tend to speak always and not listen to people talking ... thanks for the insights : )


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