Saturday, January 17, 2015


When I was a child, I thought God  abandoned me. I felt that He was not around when I needed Him the most. That He was unfair! Sometimes, when the going gets tough, I might feel that God is not on my side. 

How many of us had been through this kind of situation?

Abandoned by:
  • parents
  • boyfriend or girlfriend
  • friends
  • siblings
  • someone we trust
  • or most especially God

Exodus 2: 23-25  During that long period, the king of Egypt died. The Israelites groaned in their slavery and cried out, and their cry for help because of their slavery went up to God. God heard their groaning and he remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac and with Jacob. So God looked on the Israelites and was concerned about them.

How do the Israelites reacted when they were mistreated or felt abandoned by God?
They cried out to God. Wouldn't that be a good example for us to follow? Cry out to God in every difficult situation?

This is a reminder for me and for you especially if we are  experiencing a tough battle in our lives. To hold near to God and trust Him that it will be all right no matter what.

Maybe we don't feel abandoned by God, but the other way around. We cast him aside. His teaching, his calling, his words and guidance. We want to be the boss of our own lives. We are not a slave of somebody, but slaves of ourselves. The enemy tempts us, probably. Like he tempted Eve in the garden of Eden. God is calling us, but our ears won't listen because we are trapped by our own desires. Slaves of this world and our own desires that does not bring glory to God's name and polluting our body and soul. Making our lives a mess.

Whatever it might be, we can cry out to God. Remember that He is willing to listen and help us if we seek him with all our heart, soul and spirit.

He said that if we seek, we will find. If we knock, the door will be opened, and if we ask, it will be given unto us.  Matthew 7:7

God's rescue doesn't always come the moment we want it. God had promised to bring the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. ( Genesis 15:16, 46:3,4). 

 The people had waited a long time for the promise to be kept, but God rescued them when he knew the right time had come. God knows the best time to act. When we feel that God has forgotten us in our troubles, we should remember that God has a time schedule we couldn’t see.
Remember God is concerned about us, we only need to wait and trust.

Often the worst of times are
what leads us to the best times
because we all go through
inspires us into our very Best Self.
( Recharge you mind)



  1. I agree with you Joy.. God knows best that what time is right to answer our prayers, he never leaves us alone :)

  2. Sometimes I feel that way ... feeling abandoned and ignored ... but I always trust in the Lord that He will leave me nor forsake me : )

  3. Bom dia, a fé é a esperança para concretizar os nosso desejos, devemos acreditar na fé e na esperança.

  4. I soo relate to this Joy. Wishing you an amazing weekend. Hugs to you special friend.

  5. Nice post 😊
    Instagram: SISSIHOPE

  6. What a beautiful reminder Joy.... but one of the hardest things is to 'wait' on the Lord's timing when His is different than ours'... Diane

  7. This is so true, we often forget that we can cry out to the One who created all. Very good words, my friend.

  8. Great post, Joy, and the photo is stunning.

  9. That was very inspiring Mommy the Pope, currently here in the Philippines reminds us, God never abandons us, He walks through us all the time, whether we feel it or not. He is always there, just waiting for us to call on to Him :)


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