Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trip to Råkvåg!

Hello everyone! Yes, it is weekend once again and I am really loving it.

Anyway, just sharing more summer pictures to you which I didn't share yet here in blogworld.
Seeing these pictures makes my body more alive in this cold wintertime.

This place is called Råkvåg. A tourist attarction actually during summertime.

Very nice weather that day as you can see!

Anyway, there is a museum there called " Salteriet" where they shows how the people lived by fish in the old days. They used this boat to catch fish in those days.

The ladies who had the responsibility in cleaning the fishes!

                    You can see in the picture how it looks like during the old days

Salting fishes

                                     Wow, look how thick and big this rope is!

                                                              The fishermen

 It was certainly a hard work, but it was an important livelihood for the people then.

Anyway, I was with friends by the way. Here are their pictures:

                                                               Grill time

                                                         Eating time!

picnic time

                                                                            at the beach

By for now! Until next time again.



  1. Interesting place to visit. I am wondering what the temperature is during summer. It still looks cold to me in the photographs.

  2. Beautiful photos, Joy, and that is a lovely suits you so well! :)


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