Thursday, December 12, 2013

The pink blogger!

Wow, I haven't been posting for over a week now. Days had gone by and this old lady had been so busssssy:) Anyway, you might be wondering why I call myself the pink blogger?  Well, this woman is in pink, isn't she? She is a blogger too, although not a famous one:)
What a coincidence too. My suitcase is in pink color. Well, I just borrowed it from my youngest daughter. It was her color of choice when she was 18.

Last weekend, I travelled to a place called Kragerø in Norway. Kragerø is popular among Norwegians (as well as foreigners) as a vacation destination during the summer. Now, it is wintertime, so it was not my purpose.

The reason for my trip to Kragerø was that I had been invited by my niece Lindsey and her husband to attend  their youngest son's christening.

Well, on that day, the weather forecast was not good. So, although I was looking forward for this trip, I left home with a heavy heart because I had to leave my cat. She couldn't be alone inside the house for so many days, so she had no choice but to sleep outside. Luckily, we have a roof covering our stairway. I put her sleeping bed outside our front door covered with wool blanket to keep her warm because it was minus degrees. Then I asked our neighbor to feed our cat while I was away. So thankful for having kind neighbors:)
Not only that, I thought that there will be cancelation of fast ferry boat and flights because of the storm.

We left home early, before the storm came and it went well until we arrive at the airport. This is a picture from the town. It snowed a lot.

As I said, there was a storm that day and our flight was delayed. We waited for our departure for many hours. My older sister and her husband were with me. But, we did arrived our destination safe and sound.  This is Lindsey and Christian's lovenest.

This is the entrance of their home at the back of the house.

Christian, Lindsey's husband fetched us and after a short visit to their house, he drove us to Villa Berglang Hotel where we would be staying for a few days.

We stayed at room number 11

Day after, God had blessed us with a wonderful weather, so we went out for a walk to see us around.

Tried to capture the beauty around, the nature of course, not me:)

The sun's magnificent rays makes these captions almost perfect.

Hope you are are still following because we are going to continue  roaming around.

The houses of the rich people:)

Kragerø church

Vinmonopolet is where they buy wines and alcohol drinks.

Restaurant by the seaside

Part of the center of the town

I hope you are still there, but we have to take a rest. So see you in my next post because we had just begun....and there are more to see:)



  1. When I saw the title, I thought you made a feature on Arline a.k.a. Pinkline, lol. Pink coat and pink suitcase, really stylish ate Joy!

    The baby is cute by the way.

  2. nice color ma'am :) marami akong kilala na mahilig sa pink tinatanong ko sila bakit ano meron sa pink di nila ako masagot hahaha...

  3. Wow, Mommy Joy you look pretty and young po sa pink outfit nyo hihi :D

    Awww... kawawa naman po ung pusa nyo. Home alone. Ako na lng po muna ang mag-aalaga sa kanya :))

    Wow, ang ganda naman ng bahay nila Lindsey at Christian. Pang mayaman!

    *hugs from me*

  4. A very nice country is Norway. Someday i want to go there too : ) Scandinavian countries fascinates me a lot .

  5. Looks like you had fun, Mommy Joy!

  6. Natawa ako ng slight Mami sa "as a vacation destination during the summer. Now, it is wintertime, so it was not my purpose." okay hahah.

    You look great jan sa pink outfit mo Mami. Out of the ordinary where its usually dark colors.

    Their home is kinda inviting.. Ang ganda.

    1. Buti napatawa kita june.
      Thanks for liking my outfit. Oo nga. Kaya ko nag pink. Ang dilim na nga dito, puro itim pa suot:)
      The place is really fantastic.

  7. Wow rosa og lekker du er, ja skal man på tur må man pynte seg.
    Så mange flotte hus, det er så mange fine plasser på sørlandet.

    Ha en fin helg fra Marit.

    1. Takk Marit. Du har rett, vi må pynte oss litt når vi skal på tur:)
      God helg til deg også:)

  8. I love it when you take us along on your trips. Thanks!

  9. Replies
    1. Yes, it is McGuffy Ann. Thanks for visiting:)

  10. wow bagay sayo ate joy ung pink!
    at gaganda ng house dyan ahh
    at mukang super cold!

    1. Thanks Mecoy. Super cold nga although gaganda ng houses and nature:)

  11. nice dress mommy joy. and happy christening to him (what his name?) hehehe di ko kasi nabasa.
    ang ganda ng place. maka punta nga minsan. lols

    1. Thanks Jei Son. Aksel ang name ng baby:)
      Sige pasyal ka dito:)

  12. Lovely! Want to see those places also and because of what is going on these days... after Mama Gace' departure... I will ask Ate My that we will do our best to see you all! Wait for us!

  13. Love to see you here cousin:)

  14. I love you: lady in pink. Beautiful pictures. Also, your family and the little baby. God bless you all. Your homes and buildings are different than here in Holland. I enjoy it.

  15. Lady in pink is looking so good, house is beautiful :)

  16. Mas bagay yata sa kin yung pink coat. lol!

  17. you look so adorable in your outfit. lovely photos too. ♥

  18. Ang cute cute mo Mommy Joy in your pink coat and pink suitcase :)

    How is your cat? Sana taga dyan lang ako pwede mo sana sya iwan sa akin para di sya malamigan sa labas :)

    Anyways, your niece is really pretty and has such a nice family :)

    1. Thanks Zaizai.
      My cat survived:) she is in a very good condition. Makapal ang fur nya:)

  19. What a nice trip and a nice place!
    Walang ganyang yelo sa Pinas.
    Anyway, you look gorgeous with your pink attire! Thumbs up po! Ingat lagi!

    1. Thanks Ric. More to come:) ingat ka rin:)

  20. pretty in pink! ganda ate Joy, bagay sa 'yo, tama si fiel, you look young in your outfit. :)


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