Saturday, December 21, 2013


Awakening isn't it. We must choose to be happy, no matter what. 
Bu this is not the surprise that I am going to tell you. Just found this quote at the shop written in a signboard. The message is for everybody.

                                           This one too. Nice rules to follow.

Anyway, while I was preparing our lunch for today, the postman came with this package.

My hubby asked me if I ordered something from the internet and I told him that I didn't.
So I wondered what it was. 

I opened the box and this is what I found inside. A gift box....

and a Christmas card

I found out that the gift was from Grace Hansen, PBO Founder.
I was really touched by her thoughtfulness.

My husband told me that I must not open the gift box because it is not yet Christmas , but my curiousity won:)

Look what I got! A teddy bear with PBO t-shirt. What a lovely suprise! Thank you so much Grace:))) This is a memorable gift for me this Christmas.

By the way, there is a virus that infecting almost everyone in blogworld. Very contagious too.  This virus is called: All I want for Christmas 2013. It is a good virus though and really funny.

First I was tagged by  Marge from :
then by Zaizai from:

The rules
  1. Make a post entitled, "All I Want For Christmas 2013," and please use the photo above.
  2. List 6 things that you want to receive as a gift.
  3. Tag 3 friends who will make the same post (no tag backs).
  4. Send me the link so I could check it too (optional).
At first, I was reluctant to do this because, I do really have everything I need, although not all that I want.

So these are my wishes.

1. For the people to focus their eyes on Jesus, not Santa, gifts or parties.
2. To be with my loved ones.
3. To be able to spread joy and love not only this season, but everyday
4. To be able to participate with PBO 's visit to the elderly in February 2014
5. Yarn and more yarn to crochet and to knit.
6. Peaceful Christmas

So I am tagging:

 fallenrhainnes :

So good luck to them!



  1. ang cute naman ng pbo teddy bear :))

    Merry Christmas Mommy Joy!

  2. Oo nga Fiel- kun:)
    Merry Christmas too:)

  3. This post brought a smile to my heart, Joy. The quotes, and the teddy bear... even the 6 wishes you wrote at the end of your post. Your name is really the Christmas wish I want to greet you with... my prayer for you is that your heart will overflow with JOY this Christmas season, just as you have spread joy to us your readers all year round. Love,

    1. Thank you so much Lidia. I wish the same to you. God bless you more and Merry Christmas :)

  4. Thanks for the tag mommy joy.
    Here's my All i want for christmas 2013 post:

    1. Thanks Mel for spreading the virus:)

  5. Great surprise on the mail. The Teddy Bear are so cute and the card is very thoughful. Merry Christmas, Joy

    1. Oo nga Melgie. I was reall touched.
      Merry Christmas to you too:)

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your family, a gift like that is a delightful surprise to your day.

  7. Thanks Pearl Marple. Merry Christmas to you too:)

  8. I want that teddy bear too!!! So cute! So this is where you included the wishlist post, thanks for joining ate Joy. Merry Christmas!

  9. Yes, it is Marjorie :)
    Yes, very sweet teddy bear with PBO logo:)

  10. pretty sure you deserve your gift. ♥ happy holidays po. i have yet to make a list of my own. zaizai tagged me too. yikes!

  11. Thanks Apple :) Good luck to your wishes:)

  12. Very thoughtful and sweet of her.

    I wish your wishes will come true too. I wish for more yarn and more yarn so you can make pocket slippers to give away. Pick me, Ate ha?


    Merry Christmas, Ate Joy and to your family too!

  13. Oo nga Lili:)
    Yes, I hope too Lili:)
    Merry Christmas:)

  14. Merry Christmas Joy ... stay safe and happy ... : )

  15. What a lovely surprize and a cute teddy bear. I shy away from all virus - even the good ones, but this one is cute.

  16. Cute ng teddy bear na may PBO shirt!

    Merry Christmas Ms Joy!

  17. I enjoyed your post, Joy, and love your surprise gift. How nice. Merry Christmas, friend!

  18. I was surprised to be tagged in this post but felt glad to be chosen as one, Thank you Madam. Merry Christmas po!

  19. Thanks for at you appreciation fallenrhainnes:)
    Merry Christmas to you:)

  20. Kjære Joy!
    Så koselig innlegg!
    Takk for besøk fra deg, nå er jeg tilbake med innlegg igjen.
    God Jul!

  21. Merry Christmas Joy. Enjoy the holiday season with your family:)

  22. ganda naman ng wishlist mo ate joy, lalo ung first!
    anyway want ko din nung bear na pbo! hehe
    panda version haha, merry xmas and happy new year po


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