Friday, December 20, 2013

Our wedding anniversary

This morning, I wrote these words on Facebook: For 23 years ago, same day today, I said yes to marry this wonderful man of my life. After so many years, my yes will be forever yessss. Your love dear really melts my heart. Happy anniversary to us.

Just want to thank all for all the greetings:) Really heartwarming.

Anyway, today, I bought my husband a flower bouquet, before he did it. I just thought that this time I will do it because he had been buying flower bouquets for me every anniversary that we had.

He really deserved every nice gesture from me because of his patience, love and thoughtfulness to me.

Anyway, he invited me and my daughter with his boyfriend ( the men does not want to be published) to dine in a restaurant nearby. My daughter too was forced by her mother to pose in the camera:)

I just came from work and didn't have time to dress up because we have to eat before our daughter start her shift at the nearby mall. 

This is it: Matbruket Restaurant. White and clean

fireplace inside

this is our corner

other side with the view from the seaside

To the left..the tables are set for those that booked this place for dinner later.

We ordered biff

with potatoes

The dessert: porridge with red sauce made from strawberry and sugar

Hmmm. worth every penny. Really good:)

Anyway, I am ending this post by thanking those that made me feel very special before Christmas. 

A co- worker gave me this knitted  Mrs Claus

Christmas greetings
A friend from Romania , Anca ,who handmade this beautiful card for me with a touching message inside.

Cards: sent by my niece Lindsey and her family 

from her sister: Cecilie with family

from my husband's uncle

from the ship where my husband works

So, that is why I can call myself a lucky woman blessed by God. 
Thank you Lord for all the blessings.  I couldn't wish for more.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your handsome and lucky husband Mommy Joy :) May you have a lifetime of love and happiness :) And sweet moments like this :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! More blessed years!
    So sweet.. may bouquet pa, at napaka-cozy ng resto!

  3. Happy Anniversary ... wish you more anniversaries to come : )

  4. wow. happy anniv ma'am. sana maging ganyan din ending namin ng kung sinuman sa nalalapit na hinaharap <3

  5. wow naman ate joy 23years? saya naman nun,
    happy anniversary sa inyo
    anyway kahit anung celebration sasarap ng foods ee

  6. Happy anniversary po sa inyo ni hubby mo Mommy Joy :))

    and Merry Christmas din po!

  7. Thanks for all the greetings:)
    Merry Christmas to all:)

  8. Bat wala sya sa pic Mami? Pero HAppy happy Aniversary ha.. More years to come together

  9. Ayaw eh june. Nag asked na ako, ayaw nya maipublish. Baka hiwalayan ako pag pinilit ko:)

  10. Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks McGuffy Ann and Merry Christmas to you too:)

  11. Happy Anniversary Joy! Thanks for taking us to dinner with you!

  12. From the short time I have known you I have come to the knowledge that you are a very special lady... Happy Anniversary to you and your husband... Diane

  13. Thank you so much for your heartwarming comment Diane. God bless your soul.


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